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16-10-2009, 03:38 PM
Saturday 19th September

DDs 17th birthday

We were all initially awake at around 5am but had no intentions of getting up. Put TV on and we watched Stacy’s 'must-do’s' (wish I had a $ for every time I saw that over the next two weeks). She sent us all back to sleep till about 9am

DD opened all her cards and pressies from home whilst still in bed and she was so excited as she had so many$$$ to spend

This is when I got a bit moody that we had not unpacked last night like we usually do and moaned that I was right – we shouldn’t have gone out for dinner. They reluctantly admitted I was right and mental note for next time, will eat in resort, unpack and not hit the parks till next day.

Took so long to unpack we missed Concierge breakfast. DD least favourite park is MK and was gracious enough even on her birthday to say we should go as it is DS favourite. It was lunch-time by the time we got there and as we had not had breakfast headed for a CS to have lunch - the pizza one,by Dumbo..I can't remember the name

We then did all DS favourites without any wait thanks to GAC we had picked up at City Hall.

Got back to YC around 5pm – DD went off to lobby to work out how to use free wi-fi. We went to try out Concierge having some snacks. DH had a few beers and I had a few glasses of Zinfandel....we were going to love this Lounge

Back to room for shower/change before dinner at Cali Grill. Knock on door – delivery for DD. Solid white chocolate Minnie and plate of strawberries dipped in chocolate on a tray with a card from the YC wishing her a happy birthday.

We got a taxi to CG arriving about 8.20pm/half hour early. Had mooch around the 4th floor before going to CG check-in. They were running late so went up to 15th, out onto observation deck and watched Wishes. Just as it was ending our pager started bleeping – perfect timing Allocated a lovely window table in the little room at the rear of the restaurant...nice and quiet in this area. Rachel and I had the Filet of Beef with Sour Cream Mash, Kev had the Black Grouper. Nice bottle of red between us. Rachel not too happy – thinking of her friends back home and Lewis

Sunny all day – no rain

16-10-2009, 07:35 PM
I have to unpack as soon as we arrive Debbie. So understand the "where is it"