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16-10-2009, 03:44 PM
Tuesday 22 September

Woken around 8am by workers in corridor outside who had made a start on the mattress changes :thumbsdown:

Breakfast at Concierge (can you see the ritual developing here?) Then off to AK. Bus came straight away but goes via BB and seemed to take forever.

It is worth saying here that the buses that serve the Y & BC resorts always visit the YC first - in each direction. There always seemed to be a lot more guests getting on at BC stop and a lot of them had to stand. This may be useful information for anyone torn between which resort to stay in out of the two.

DD did not come with us today as had some college work to do and she also wanted to go to the pool to catch some rays. (Told her to put plenty of sunscreen on and not get burned like she did in 2007 and guess what she fried!!!)

We ordered the sandwich option of Picnic in The Park for 1.30pm found a nice shady spot..lovely. Nice bag to keep as souvenir too

Got back around 5pm to get ready for evening ADR at Le Cellier. Obligatory visit to Concierge for beer/wine snack before getting ready (well it would be rude not to after they kindly upgraded us ). Decided we did not want to go to stay at BLT on 30th as we were having such a good time at YC (and also agreed having seen it few nights before that if we do DVC, that BLT is not the one we want so what was the point in wasting $300) We rang Marie from YC concierge and she kindly cancelled it for us.

Arrived slightly early at Le Cellier yet only waited 5 minutes for table...and got exactly same table as last time. We just had to have starters here as I had to have my Cheese Soup..yummy. Waitress was nice and friendly but service was a little rushed e.g entrees arrived at table before appetizer plates cleared. Had my usual filet with the mushroom risotto..yummy. Had a nice bottle of red to wash it all down. $90 bill inc tip

If any of you remember my trippie from 2007 you will recall there was a waiter (not saying his name) at Le Celiier who took a shine to my DH - we saw him again...and he made a point of saying hello

Left just in time to take position in disabled viewing area for Illuminations before strolling back to YC straight away as we still had to pack for HRH tomorrow. Spoke to DVC lady in lobby who said if we went for the tour would get $100 gift card said we would at some time during stay as was interested.

Went to bed with DD moaning about her sunburn.

Another lovely sunny day with no rain :thumbsup:

16-10-2009, 04:55 PM
So you liked Picnic in the Park? I really want to do this!

Sorry your daughter got sunburned but you warned her, lol. Teenagers never want to listen do they? ;)

They gave you a free concierge upgrade? That's nice. That happened to us once at The Wilderness Lodge. We took zero advantage of the freebies too as they were always gone by the time we were coming or leaving.

We've stayed at BC numerous times & also always had to share a bus with Boardwalk and Swan & Dolphin Resorts. Did you not this time? It caused some major crowded busses & always made me angry. For what you pay at those resorts I always felt they each deserved their own bus.

So you don't like BLT (every time I see that I think of a blt sandwich & get hungry, lol) or did you go & check it out? I can't wait to at least go visit as I want to see the rooftop pool if they allow nonguests to check it out.

16-10-2009, 09:17 PM
No we never shared buses with BWI. The AK one stopped at BB on way out and at BB, Swan and Dolphin on the way back.

BLT does look lovely but we prefer Boardwalk location and if we do DVC it will be in this area :)

17-10-2009, 02:51 PM
Can you still get Boardwalk points? I imagine they are a hot commodity on the resale market. I was talking to DVC the other day & they said BCV is still the #1 most desirable location (yay! my home resort, lol)& that BLT was coming in at a close second now but that could just be because it's new & exciting & may dwindle after time. And that Boardwalk was #3. I think BCV & BW have shown staying power as far as popularity. I don't ever plan on selling my points but you never know what the future may bring & it's nice to own points in a place you know you could sell easily if need be.
Good luck with your DVC quest! I think it's a wonderful thing & wish we'd done it sooner.

17-10-2009, 06:48 PM
Yes you can - mostly on resale. However our DVC sales guy, Larry said he could get us whatever we wanted - I think they pick them up off the resale market by exercising ROFR

17-10-2009, 07:44 PM
Yes, that's what I thought. Well good! Then you can still get where you want :) As much as I want to visit & stay a trip in BLT, it isn't where I'd want my home resort either.