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11-11-2009, 11:15 AM
We are back.

Got back Monday morning, to be honest this is the first time I actually feel awake enough to write anything!!

I have some time next week to hopefully put together some kind of report and sort out some photos (We have over 5000 to choose from!!) :thumbsup:

So for now, a few points to be getting on with:

The Vroom at Gatwick is fantastic, just what we needed. The kids were able to play, watch TV etc. The time just flew by. The flight was not so good! Inattentive crew and a seat back TV that didnít work! :thumbsdown:

The All Star Sports Resort was perfect for us, the kids loved the themes and we were able to park really close to our room. Iím sure other hotels are better but this suited us just fine.

Our first morning was breakfast at The Crystal Palace; this resulted in our daughter screaming the place down when she saw Piglet, Pooh and the others. She refused to eat anything and hid between us for the entire meal. She also refused to eat anything at Chef Mickeyís a few days later and wouldnít go anywhere near the characters in the parks. So we decided to cancel all the remaining character meals. She got slightly better as the holiday went on but unless it was a Princess or a Fairy, she wasnít really interested.

We were really disappointed with Hollywood & Vine; we booked it for the Fantasmic Package on our Sonís birthday. We reminded them of his birthday at the podium, but they did nothing, no Happy Birthday wishes or cupcake, nothing. To be honest we were so disappointed with the food, we paid (One of the most expensive meals of the holiday) and left, just happy to be away from the place.

Also, we were generally disappointed with counter service food in Disney. There is very little choice just the same thrown together stuff in every restaurant in every park. I guess Disney is concentrating more on their full service restaurants.

The Disney Cruise, We are glad we did it, but wouldnít do it again. We took a bit of a dislike to our servers on the first night. They were just trying to hard to be friendly it didnít come across very sincere and the meals all felt very rushed. The entertainment felt just like Butlins (UK members will know what I mean) Except for the stage shows of course, which were absolutely brilliant.
Castaway Cay was nice especially after lunch when the beach emptied somewhat.
Overall it all felt very rushed, very busy and just a bit too much like it was trying to be Disney, rather than actually being Disney.

Anyway onto the good stuff:

We loved the Move It, Shake It; Celebrate It Street Party at the Magic Kingdom, the kids really enjoyed dancing along especially when a cast member called Josh took our little girl and danced with her for the entire show teaching her all the moves. She loved it.

Whispering Canyon was great, hobby horse races and shouting for ketchup every 10 minutes!!

The Pirate & Pals Cruise was great fun, managed to eat far too many brownies and got to see the last night of Happy Hallowishes fireworks from the lake which gives a completely different perspective on things. Our son also won a pirate money box in the quiz at the end by correctly stating that a Barracuda ate Nemoís Mum and the other babies at the beginning of the film.

Discovery Cove was absolutely fantastic, loved snorkelling and my daughter and I even got to have photos with the dolphin even though we hadnít paid for a dolphin swim. We will definitely do this again next time.

The private photo shoot at the Grand Floridian went really well we had a really nice photographer called Richard who we let lead us around the resort and we ended up with 107 photos. Good value for $75.00 I think.

We all really enjoyed SeaWorld it really captured the kidís imagination and was definitely one of the highlights of the holiday for them. Also the counter service meals put Disney totally to shame!!

Even with a few bad points we did have a fantastic holiday the bad points in no way ruining the holiday in the slightest. 3 weeks was perfect, we had enough time to do what we wanted but felt ready to go home when the time came.

So photos and hopefully more detail next week.

14-11-2009, 11:58 PM
what a shame about the cruise , we have one booked and im a little worried now by the service you got (do u keep the same servers or do they change?)
what a great bonus at discovery cove to get the pics taken with the dolphins , looking forward to seeing some pics.

welcome home :wiggle:

15-11-2009, 01:14 PM
Welcome home Simon.
Looking forward to the trippie....and the photos :yes:
We have decided on the GF for our photo shoot too :) I'm just a little concerned about how crowded it will be at Christmas and that we may have other guests in our photos too.

15-11-2009, 01:21 PM
Our photographer was really good at avoiding any other people in the shots. Although to be fair it was very quiet at the resort at the time

16-11-2009, 02:00 PM
Excellent TR! I'm sorry you had some low points but hopedully that good outweighed the bad.

I love it that your DD got to learn the dance moves int he parade! Did you get pics or video of that?