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16-03-2010, 01:54 AM
I just watched a two-part episode of "Full House" where they visit WDW. It first aired in 1993. At this time, pretty much all the family sitcoms on ABC visited WDW (Family Matters and Roseanne I remember also did for sure). Here is a recap of what happens:

Part 1:
1. Stephanie has been upset that Michelle always gets her way. Vicky had just run out the door for a business trip when the girls implore, does Danny love Vicky? Will he propose? Uncle Jesse announces to Becky that he and the Rippers are invited to play at WDW. He tells her he's booked the Honeymoon suite for them and it will be their 2nd Honeymoon. Soon everyone crashes their romantic vacation. Uncle Joey gets the radio station to do a remote broadcast from the park. It also happens to be Spring Break for the girls. Kimmie says her parents will let her go but Steve can't join them.

2. They stay at the Grand Floridian and are greeted by Donald and Goofy. The gang splits up to do their own things.

3. The girls go to MK where Aladdin, Jasmine and a Bazaar Man are on a float on Main Street. The Bazaar Man says that a lucky kid who rubs the lamp and makes the Genie appear can be prince or princess for the day. D.J. thinks Aladdin looks like Steve (who I think actually did the voice of Aladdin in real life. I'll have to look that one up.). D.J. makes Stephanie let Michelle rub the lamp first. When Michelle rubs the lamp, the Genie appears and the Bazaar Man makes her Princess for the Day and says she's been grated 3 wishes. Her first wish is "world peace" but then she gets heckled. She changes her first wish to get to go to the front of every line. Steph makes it known she's mad. No one cares.

4. Uncle Joey visits the Disney Animation studios and draws a caracature of himself that comes to life on the page.

5. Danny meets Vicky (who has flown in seperately to join the gang) at the St. George fountain in the Germany Pavilion in Epcot where a bird is eating out of her hand. It inspires Danny to attempt to propose. All of a sudden a German band and dancers interrupt Danny's moment.

6. Uncle Jesse meets up with Becky and the twins in Toon Town and Jesse brings the twins Mickey ears. Between Jesse's rehersals and the radio broadcast, Becky is upset he's not spending enough time with her and the boys. Jesse promises a romantic picnic lunch and boat ride.

7. Danny and Vicky have lunch at the Living Seas restaurant and Danny is again inturrupted once again when Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey swim up and knock on the window in scuba gear.

8. D.J. thinks Prince Charming looks like Steve. Michelle keeps wanting to go on the Carousel over and over. Kimmie, D.J., and Steph all complain amongst themselves in a "side conversation" about 2 feet from Michelle that Michelle is being a brat. Michelle (of course) overhears them and becomes upset and wanders off. 2 seconds later the other 3 girls realize she's missing and start shouting for her (there are pictures of Michelle as the "Princess for a Day" all over the park).

9. The girls call Danny over at Epcot and the search begins for Michelle.

Part 2:
1. Michelle is dancing to a caribbean steel drum band near the Tiki Room in Adventureland. Snow White finds her and says everyone knows she's missing and have been looking everywhere. Michelle says she doesn't care and wants her second wish to be to have a tea party with Mickey and Minnie.

2. Uncle Joey and Uncle Jesse do a broadcast from inside a plastic bubble at the bottom of the giant aquarium in the Living Seas. They see a shark and Uncle Joey freaks out.

3. Meanwhile, Becky is waiting at the GF with Chip and Dale for Jesse to meet her for their picnic date. After 45 minutes she gives up and gives C&D the picnic lunch. Jesse tells Joey to man-up and swim out. They make it without being attacked.

4. Snow White takes Michelle to a tea party with Alice, the White Rabbit, Minnie, Donald, Pinocchio, and Dopey. Michelle asks if she can take back her wish. Snow White asks why? Isn't it what she wanted? Michelle gets sad and says it's not really that great of a wish because her family isn't there to share it with her. All of a sudden Mickey walks in with Vicky, Danny, D.J., Steph, and Kimmie. Danny gives Michelle a stern talking-to about wandering off. Michelle says she's Princess for the Day so that makes her the boss. Vickie tells her princesses are kind and nice and that's why people love them. Michelle understands and they all hug and make up and have a fabulous tea party.

5. Uncle Jesse finally shows up to the GF to see C&D eating his and Becky's picnic lunch. Jesse goes into the GF to meet a very disappointed Becky. He sings a touching song to her from the grand piano in the middle of the lobby. She listens from the balcony. They reconcile and go on a romantic boat ride in the lagoon.

6. The girls, Danny and Vicky go to the Indiana Jones action show. Vicky gets a page and leaves. The girls ask Danny if he's proposed yet. He says he keeps getting interrupted but will keep trying. He has a foolproof plan this time. D.J. thinks Indiana Jones looks like Steve.

7. Steph asks to go back to the hotel (she's bummed). The rest of the gang goes on the rest of the rides at WDW. Kimmie airs out her shoes on Dumbo. D.J. and Kimmie walk into the GF and who is there checking in? Steve. D.J. and Steve reunite in the middle of the lobby. Unlce Joey sees Steph siting on a swing outside and asks what's wrong? Steph says she feels cheated she didn't get to be Princess for the day but Joey said she cheated herself out of a day of fun. Steph realizes she's mad at Michelle but she still loves her. Michelle runs up and tells Snow White that her 3rd wish is to let Stephanie be Princess for the rest of the day. Snow White says because Michelle has been an unselfish princess, the whole family can be in the parade

8. Cut to the parade on Main Street (it had a caribbean-rio-fiesta-type vibe): Becky & Jesse & the twins get the Roger Rabbit float, D.J., Steve, and Kimmie are on a Minnie float, Joey is on the Goofy float, Vicky & Danny are on a Donald and 3 Caballeros float and then Steph, and Michelle are on the Mickey float dressed like princesses. They reconcile as sisters.

9. Jesse and the Rippers sing "Hippy Hippy Shake" in front of the castle that night while the gang enjoys in front of the stage. Jesse dedicates "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" to Becky and tells her happy anniversary. Danny finally gets a chance to propose to Vicky as the fireworks go off. Some fireworks to the side of the castle spell out "Vicky will you marry me?" Vicky says yes. Joey dances with Snow White, Kimmie makes a move on Prince Charming (Cinderella did NOT look happy).


It was fun to see the differences between then and now. The Germany pavilion looked a little different. Of course Nemo has been added to the Living Seas outside. There were a lot of little things everyone probably would catch, too!