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28-03-2010, 12:47 PM
Is it just me or do they need slapping :(

we've booked with ba, they werent the cheapest but we've always thought they were the most reliable. largest fleet so if anything goes wrong they have another plane.

It's a long time till we go so Im sure this will be sorted but its left a bad taste, who the heck do they think they are? theyre aready better paid than others in their industry and pilots and ground staff have already taken pay cuts to make sure the company makes it through. Talk about ratting on your work mates

today I see a lot of them on facebook moaning and it reminded me of that scandal last year when they were all on facebook insulting the customers, remember that? and now they want us to pay more for our flights so we can pay them more

in the light of what soldiers, nurses, teachers do for poor pay I think the ba people have a real cheek and if they dont want to do the job for the money they should just quit

28-03-2010, 02:01 PM
couldn't agree more. I do agree in striking for certain things but i think that everyone is being hit by the recession in one way or another and sometimes you have to just suck it up. If only we had just lost 1 out of 14 staff in our department!!

What they are actually doing is putting the future of the company at risk, however you feel about your manager- is that actually good common sense?

I'm sure I could manage to offer chicken or beef and point to some exits for up to 80,000 a year!!

29-03-2010, 01:43 PM
no it's not just you at all!

like Britchick i do believe in striking for certain things, but when i see my brother out of work, my brother in law on a short week in order to try and help keep the small business he works for going, and my hubby having no rights whatsoever and having to take a days leave off to go to London to protest when the government stitched them up on back dated pay on their salary deal, it makes me extremely angry indeed.

These people still have jobs for G-d sake and they should count themselves lucky that they have.

As the message going round on FB said, perhaps try telling the soldiers returning from their tour of duty how hard done by they are.

And as for the thousands of people potentially having the holidays they have saved so hard for spoiled......it's a disgrace.

29-03-2010, 01:45 PM
I'm sure I could manage to offer chicken or beef and point to some exits for up to 80,000 a year!!

good G-d, that much?? perhaps it's time for hubby to get a new job!