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06-04-2010, 01:05 PM
PED'S - Personal Electronice Devices

A change is in the air

The great thing about flights is that you have plenty of time to relax. It could be the perfect time to compose a text message or email, even hit the next level on your favourite game. But of course, some personal electronic devices havenít been allowed in the past as they may disrupt navigation systems. Well now there's been a change, as some manufacturers have started fitting their products with a flight safe option.

The flight safe mode prevents the device from making or receiving calls, sending or receiving emails or text messages or using the internet. This means that as long as you select the flight safe mode on your phone before departure you can compose emails and text messages, edit documents and use the phone's other functions like camera, music player, organizer and games.

Likewise, the wi-fi capability on some laptops/notebooks and game consoles allows them to connect to other devices without the use of cables; they can be used during flights but only if this function is turned off before departure.

Here is a quick summary of what you can use and when;

Taxi, take off, descent and landing:

NO electronic items to be used.

In flight, once fasten seatbelt signs are turned off:

Mobile telephones, smartphones and PDAs: may be used but they must be in flight safe mode from before departure. Those without flight safe mode will have to remain turned off.

Personal computing equipment: may be used but wireless connectivity must be turned off before departure.

Portable audio equipment: may be used.

Electronic games: may be used but not the wireless connection to other handsets.

Bluetooth accessories: to personal computing or audio equipment may be used.

Videos / digital cameras: may be used with the permission of the crew.

If there's any uncertainty whether you have flight safe mode, the device will have to be turned off. Similarly, if the Captain suspects interference with the aircraft systems then all electronic equipment will need to be switched off. Cabin crew will be unable to advise you on whether your device has flight safe mode, so best check your manufacturer's guide book before leaving home.