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17-07-2008, 05:57 PM
I don't do loop the loops

We checked out our Grinch photo and it was excellent so we each bought a 10x8 copy to take home. By the way Harry said that Grinch was quite gairy, which is a 4 on his rating, but he was still brave enough to get in the picture, though you can see the fear in his eyes. If I get a moment Iíll scan the picture so you can all see it. While we were waiting for the photos to be printed we browsed the shop and spotted the second Cat so Ellie got her card punched. I think they deliberately took ages to print the photos to make us linger in the shop and eventually the torture got too much and Big Steve and Lisa bought a Cat in the Hat drum for Harry for Christmas. They had it sent to the front of the park for collection at the end of the day. To let you all know, come Christmas Day, Harry opened the drum, pronounced it very gairy, and wonít go near it.

So with our photos now safely in our possession we gather up the children who appear to have removed every toy within their reach off of the shelves and make a hasty exit. We duck into Circus McGurkus Cafť Stupendous, or whatever the place is called, and all stand there like idiots staring into space until we spot the Cat shape and immediately pounce on the nearest employee to get the card punched. We checked out the menu while we were there; looks like a good place for lunch, especially if you have children. Pasta based menu items, makes a nice change from burgers and fries.

We ended our stay at Seuss Landing and moved on to The Lost Continent. We were too early for the first showing of Poseidonís Fury so we moved on past there and over to Duelling Dragons. Tried to get Lisa to go up to the talking fountain but she wasnít falling for that one so we went straight round to the coaster. There was no wait so we left Nanny Lesley in a shady spot with all 3 children and entered. Nanny Lesley does not do thrill rides and Ellie was too short for this one, and anyway she, ďdoesnít do loop the loops.Ē There was no wait for the ride but there about a half a mile walk before we found the loading area. Imagine waiting in all that during peak times. When we finally found the loading area there was no one there to organise you into rows so you just went where you thought looked good. I suggested waiting for the front row and was met with a resounding, NO!Ē from the others so we got straight on to Fire and went for a whiz round.
After this we walked up to the Flying Unicorn so Ellie could have a go. Big Steve and myself decided to join her while the others all waited by the exit. Whoever suggested that this is a kiddie coaster must be a lunatic. This was just as fast as any big coaster we went on and we came off of there with a definite shake in our legs. Then we wandered in totally the wrong direction and had to double back to find the sensible members of our group who had opted out of this one.

It was getting near the time for Poseidonís Fury so we doubled back towards that area. Steven was taking a nap and I didnít think the attraction was suitable for him anyway so I waited with him and people watched while the others went into the show. I started off sitting in the shade by the entrance to Mythos but I was getting hit with the spray from the waterfall there and it was a bit chilly so we moved over into the sun near the entrance to Poseidon and got the sunscreen out. Although it was not as hot as during the summer months on some days you could still feel the sun beating down on you so we needed the sunscreen. Every time Steven was out in the sun he was smothered in factor 60, with his hat on and the shade up on his buggy. I topped up Stevenís sunscreen and turned the buggy so that he was in the shade and then got the factor 35 out for me. Itís a spray bottle and I held it the wrong way round and sprayed it all over my clothes. Oh well, at least they were protected from the sun.

Once we were both covered in sunscreen I turned my attention to watching the amazingly large number of people around me who appeared to have no clue as to where they were. Now, there was not many people in the park at all, in fact, Iíve never seen any theme park this empty before, but all the people around me appeared to have no idea about where they were or where they wanted to be. There were groups of people huddled around park maps everyway I turned. It was incredible. I felt like marching up to them and saying, ďyou are in Islands of Adventure, if you go that way youíll get to Jurassic Park, and if you go that way youíll get to Seuss Landing, now make up your mind and go.Ē Of course I didnít, but I marvelled at the way some people can come on a trip like this with a total lack of planning behind them. They obviously needed my 15-page document; well letís face it, no one else was using it.

The Poseidonís Fury visitors returned after about 30 minutes pronouncing it, ďa bit gairy,Ē and from here we made our way round to Jurassic Park, pausing for some quick photos by the T-Rex as you enter this area.


We dropped Harry, Steven, Lisa and Nanny Lesley off at Camp Jurassic and the rest of us: Big Steve, Adrian, Ellie, and myself boarded the Riverboat Adventure. There was just a short line so we probably waited about 5 minutes before getting on the front row of a boat. As we hit the big drop Adrian caught the brunt of the splash much to our amusement. We retrieved the rest of the gang from Camp Jurassic as our plan of taking some lunch in there backfired because: 1. you canít take food in there, and 2. it was all aimed at kids a bit bigger than ours. Oh well, we evacuated that area and went off in search of suitable food for us all. And a restroom.

17-07-2008, 08:12 PM
You can't leave us in suspense, did ya find a restroom?