View Full Version : post office/american express travellers cheques?

28-04-2010, 11:13 PM
We've always taken cash before but we're thinking AMEX travellers cheques would be better however we're worried that they may not be accepted in places and will be hard to cash?

Would Disney front desk cash them for example? Do places in malls take them? do you get change?

Is there a demonination thats unwise to get like $1000 or something!

29-04-2010, 07:07 AM
They are accepted as cash pretty much everywhere. Some exceptions like the small ice cream carts and concession stands but I've used them every time and never had a problem. Make sure you have some cash though but honestly, we've done 90% TCs and 10% on most trips.

We usually ask for $10s and $50s with maybe a few $100s in there but don't hand over a $100 check for a $3 ice cream and expect a smile. :lol:

29-04-2010, 12:09 PM
Once in awhile you'll run into a place that won't take anything greater than $50. I know the $100 TCs were out of favor for awhile because of a counterfeiting "scare."

If you know you are going to have some big expenses (like a table service dinner at Disney for more than two people) that will be at least $100 then have a few of those on hand, but for us we've pretty much always stuck with the lower amounts, ($20s are good!).

Not sure if the front desk will cash them, but shops will take them, restaurants, ect.