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01-05-2010, 01:09 PM
I'm fed up today

we moved at the end of last year to a new nicer house but in the process lost the best neighbours ever. we're still friends but without that pop round for coffee its not the same.

now our new neighbours keep themselves to themselves, the whole close does really. It's not that anyone is rude just not interested in being friends :(

Perhaps its just me :(

01-05-2010, 01:16 PM
ours arent bad but we only say hello to each other not like we are friend, friends, it was like that where we lived before too

01-05-2010, 01:20 PM
The neighbour to our right was a lovely elderly woman :yes: Unfortunately she died recently and the house has been bought by a property developer :sigh: Mum and Dad's friends are going to rent the house which is good but I still miss our old neighbour :yes: The whole road is quite friendly though and Mum and Dad speak to all of them :yes:

01-05-2010, 02:49 PM
WE have been so lucky with our neighbours and the ones from our 1st home are still good friends and our 2nd home are also good friends and our curent neighbours are great too.

One side we have a family and we socialise with them bbq's etc and the other side is an old lady who isn't too well, she relies on us to keep a look out for her and rings us if she is worried about anything etc - I do worry about her a bit - she is really lovely


01-05-2010, 02:56 PM
I'm one of those people. I say hello and wave, but I stick to myself. I live in a quiet area, mostly older folks. I'm quiet and like others to be too.

01-05-2010, 03:05 PM
I'd rather people did keep themselves to their selves to be honest, I am very friendly but have had some clingy neighbours b4 and it was a nightmare! Having said that one side is great.

01-05-2010, 03:21 PM
It's a bit mean but we have a neighbour next door but 2 who is such a pain... he calls all my boys Bobby ( despite none of them being named Bobby) and you just can't get away from him - he talks and talks, even when you are backing away :thumbsdown:

I feel a bit sorry for him as I know he's probably lonely, but often if I see him coming, I either get into the house sharpish, or just avoid all eye contact..

If we does catch me then when i I get in the house I say to everyone - I just got Tony'd and they all fall about laughing as they know exactly what I've just been through


01-05-2010, 08:19 PM
There is a man in my street that never chats to me unless I am running late- then he wants to know all about how Niamh is, how College is going.. but if I have all the time in the day he doesn't want to know me! hahah :rotfl:

01-05-2010, 10:18 PM
I have lived in the same apartment building here in NYC for 25 years and truth be told I couldnt tell you the name of any of my neighbors except for one. I say hello to many as I pass them in the hallways but thats about it. I am friendly with all of the doormen and staff and know all of them by name but thats about it.

02-05-2010, 12:03 AM
The neighbors that had the dog that attacked my Hans , moved . :mental: But now it depends on whom moves in .
I agree with FD, I wave when I see the others near my home, but I don't get attached . I'm a family girl . HeHe

02-05-2010, 02:40 AM
I only know one of my neighbors across the street, the rest i wouldn't know if they came up and :slap:!!!!:tongue:

02-05-2010, 12:55 PM
We have neighbors across the street who are friendly, wave and ask "how are you" when we see them. They speak Spanish mostly (although their adult children speak English just fine) so we're a bit limited.

The one house to our left is empty. Owned by people who live in NY and never come here. :unsure:

The house to our right is from hell, quite frankly. It was built for a man's son who decided he didn't want to live there. So the father rents it out. We've had:

1) The islanders who came and went through the upstairs window, using the garage overhang to access it; allowed their two year old to use the house floor and outdoors as a toilet whenever the mood struck; had very odd carrying on at all hours (hmmm...drugs?) and moved out in the night. We were hysterically grateful that they were gone. We were tired of their food garbage thrown on our lawn, loud music, blocked mail box, ect.

2) Followed by the southern family who had everyone under the sun living with them. They came to their front door to smoke and threw their cigarette butts on our lawn. We had a "talk with the boys" when we found burnt butts on our window sill that had burnt through the paint. They played VERY LOUD christian music every Sunday. I always wanted to counter with something like La Boheme, but Herself (much better mannered than I) refused to allow me to.

3) followed by the "Boo Radley" family who only came out at dark, kept their shades pulled and never answered the door. They smoked too, but did so at the back and kept their nasty butts to themselves. There was a little girl there and she wasn't allowed out to play, and perhaps wasn't allowed to go to school? :unsure: One day a tow truck driver knocked on our door and asked about the color of their car. We didn't have any idea! They left in the still of the night...

4) followed by the family from hell that we have now. Three little boys who have been nothing but shouted at apparently from birth. The mother is just flat out nasty. She ONLY ever yells at those boys. Yes, they are brats, but who can blame them. The father fancies himself a rock musician and has BAND PRACTICE in the garage once a week. Trust me. They are NOT good. They smoke like chimneys, and it has gotten so bad between their cloud of nastiness, and their ill mannered children that we have actually been unable to enjoy using our pool and lanai.

I saw the owner of the house in a shop a bit ago and was set to go over to him and have a "little talk" but Herself knew better than to let me "discuss his choice of tenants" with him.

I am pretty over it though. It's a mess over there, and they are very disruptive. I am quite close to calling the HOA, and have honestly considered calling CPS to investigate the treatement of the children.

So! All that to say, neighbors? Not such a good thing.

02-05-2010, 04:12 PM
We are blessed enough to have finally moved into the land of the wonderful neighbor! We had 6 years of hell between our apartment and our old house and now we can finally relax!

We live on a dead end street and so we only have 1 neighbor on each side and nobody across the street or behind us. We are friendly with the neighbor on our right. We chat over the fence and the husband has come over to help Dh fix our lawnmower a time or two. The neighbors on the other side adopted us when we moved in :D The people who lived here before had young children and these neighbors were like grandparents to them. Their own grandchildren are in other states. When we moved in with Katelyn and pregnant with Marc they let us know that they loved having kids next door and they hoped that we could be friends. They are wonderful people! They go to FL for the winter, but as soon as they come home we get together to play games and cook out. They always come to birthday parties and offer all the time to watch the kids for us. We finally have the kind of neighbors that we always wanted :yes:

02-05-2010, 04:46 PM
OK to our left is a middle aged couple. They are nice and we often chat in our front gardens while our dogs play. They watch our house and water our plants while we are away and sometimes look after our piggies. Next to them are a new family that we had a chat in the street with a couple of weeks back. They seem nice. The lady over the road was widowed suddenly a couple of years ago so we keep an eye on her. She's only in her 60s but we've helped her a bit with heavy jobs and stuff. She is lovely and is one of the emergency contacts for Steven at school - that's how much we trust her. Next door is a single, elderly man who we do the "good morning" thing with and that's about it. Next to him is a lovely old couple who always stop for a chat and everytime I see them they ask after Steven.

Now - on our right are the family known locally as the "chav scum" family. They are council tenants of the ilk that "it's not my house so why should I take care of it". Look over our fence and it's like a rubbish tip. The man is an evil piece of work, the woman always wears flip flops no matter what the weather and the two sons have various children around the area who are supported by benefits that our income tax pays for.

But we ignore them so it's not really an issue. :D

02-05-2010, 04:47 PM
Oh and a couple of doors down there is a Muslim family and there is always the most wonderful, gorgeous cooking smells coming from their house. We always exchange pleasantries with them too. (you never know, we might get a dinner invite :wink: )

02-05-2010, 09:37 PM
Oh, I used to have a Korean woman live next door to me! She offered me a bit of her food one day and that was the beginning of a lovely relationship! :D She shared often and it was SO good! :yes:

Keep smiling at them Dawn! You may get invited yet! :yes:

Shellyamc, your neighbors sound absolutely wonderful! I'm so pleased for you. Nothing more pleasant in this world than to have good neighbors. When I was a kid growing up, we always had wonderful neighbors (and always had the same ones). No one moved much then.

04-05-2010, 03:48 PM
Over the road from us is a large park, so we only have a few neighbours, Thank god!

To our right the neighbours are great. A couple in the late 40's I'd say, who were both married before and they have elderly children (older than me) and grandkids; and 1 teenage daughter (I'd put her at just sixteen, as I see her once in a blue moon in the mornings, and over the summer she went from school uniform to her own clothes, so she's in sixth form). They're football fans like us, so we talk quite a bit; they don't moan when we have parties (not that big parties are frequent, but we often have 'gatherings' that quickly become 10+ people with music into the small hours), and we don't moan when they have parties, or they go away and leave the girl to have a party - my only complaint is her TERRIBLE taste in music! :)

Thats the good. The other side is BAD. Last year we had three run-ins in the space of two weeks, and we haven't spoken to the guy since. The woman says hello sometimes but I think that whilst being nice and all, she's horribly embarassed...

We had a party on a saturday night. I was LOUD. fair enough, at 11.10 when they came knocking... I was a little annoyed. It's Saturday!! They don't work sundays, have a 13 year old boy; and the room causing the noise was on the other side of our house - in the bedroom on the other side of our own house, with the door shut, it was quite quiet. But they were well within their legal right, so we turned it down.

Two weeks later tragedy struck, and we ended up having the remnants of a wake at our house. Music wasn't loud or late, but people were talking about the deceased and frequently laughing (she was a great woman). Neither me or Lou smoke, but some friends do, so they smoked outside. He knocks the door the next morning, acting all hard man: "Have you got an issue with me?" - To which i replied (genuinely confused): "no, why?"
He said: "I told you to keep the noise down".
Me: "I'm sorry, we had a wake here yesterday and there were a lot of people here who haven't been here before. I hope you can appreciate that this was an unusual circumstance."
Him: "I dont care, if you got an issue with me, you can step out here, blah blah blah"
Me: "No, as i said: No issue. We had a WAKE. Goodbye"
Him: Hang on. There's cigarette butts in my garden. At LEAST Three.
Me: "I can't stress this enough: I'm sorry. There was a WAKE here yesterday. A lot of people who don't normally come here, and several I don't really know. I don't smoke, and neither does Louise, but if you simply throw them back into my garden, I'll get rid of them.
Him: "Don't even speak to me" (stomps off).

He threw the cigarettes back into my garden. In spite of the fact that HE smokes like a chimney, when he can put his weed down. I guess there was no room in his ashtray. But they were a result of our party (well..l I can't prove they weren't). No problem.

So I'm not in his good books. I let a few days pass, and one morning he's out defrosting his car while I start loading up mind and lou's car with gym bags, work stuff... we're on a main road and school run so at 7.30 am our road is busy with people walking about. I simply say (trying to mend fences etc): "Morning". No more. No less.

He stomps over and sizes me up (he's a scrawny little dude, and I'm over 6 foot). He gives me the stare of doom and half whispers: "I told you not to speak to me". All I can manage is "I said MORNING". And he replies "And I told you not to mess with me". His wife is looking through the curtain, mortified, as schoolkids pass and cant stop staring. He walks off.

About a week later, a Friday night: We did our usual routine of going the gym, and popped into B&Q on the way home and picked up a curtain pole and curtains to go across the conservatory. We get home at 8.20, and if I'm honest 'noise' never entered my head. It's 8.20. It's LIGHT outside. I quickly grab my iphone (spirit level app!!), measure six holes, and drill for where the curtain pole is going to go. I'm done drilling by 8.35. We notice next door are arguing VERY loudly.

At 9.05 I get a knock on the door. He reeks of weed, and asks me to step onto my drive. I refuse at first, but to get rid of him, step onto the drive. He starts,
"I told you to keep the noise down"
Me (half smug for some reason, half genuienly confused): WHAT?
Him: "I told you to keep the noise down."
Me: "I havent made any noise for half an hour."
Him: well, I can't repeat it here. But he was quite threatening (which I, possibly making things worse, just smiled at - I told him to get back inside his house or I'll call the police, which he didn't seem to like). Eventually louise came out and ni teacher mode shouted "what's going on?" to which the stoned guy said: "It's nothing to do with you, go away". She's having none of that: "I'm going inside to call the police. If you're smart you'll be gone before they get here."

And at that the big strong man retreated mighty quickly. I still called the police, as I wanted his threatening antics on record just incase he ever did anything again. They asked if I wanted them to go in and have a word (we'd told them he was stoned) , but I said no, they aren't stupid, they can see the car outisde. I knew he'd be waiting for it.

Now when we see him he just looks at the floor, or tries to ignore us. His wife looked very embarassed for about six months, but has recently managed a few 'good mornings' when we pass.

Needless to say, he won't be missed when we move!!

04-05-2010, 04:18 PM
late 40's and kids older than you mark?

05-05-2010, 01:31 AM
Sorry to hear that you lost someone, Mark. :hug2:

05-05-2010, 07:52 AM
Yes Mick. I'd say he's 48-49, and his oldest son is about (or at least looks) two years older than me, making him a father at about 18/19. I think. I may be being generous, he could just look really good for early fifties!

I'm only just 27. Stop making me old already!!

05-05-2010, 03:36 PM
Shellyamc, your neighbors sound absolutely wonderful! I'm so pleased for you. Nothing more pleasant in this world than to have good neighbors. When I was a kid growing up, we always had wonderful neighbors (and always had the same ones). No one moved much then.

:yes: We are very lucky..and we don't plan on moving - ever!