View Full Version : New style of queuing tested at Haunted Mansion

01-05-2010, 01:14 PM
The Haunted Mansion is conducting a test of a game as part of the "Next-Gen" queuing system.

The game consists of first figuring out that you need to interact with a display, and then listening to what is said. As you place your head near to each figure, the character whispers some information. The end result is that you figure out where the family fortune is hidden. (The answer is in an urn on the lawn infront of the Mansion).

The "Next-Gen" program is part of developing more interactive queues that will become a big part of the new Fantasyland expansion.

It doesn't appear that the plans are to actually integrate this into the Mansion on a permanent basis, but that this is to test of how it can be done in a real attraction setting. Members of WDI were on hand asking guests questions about the experience.