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31-05-2010, 09:36 PM
What has been your most treasured character interaction at the WDW parks?

We were lucky enough to be on Mickey's float in the parade at Animal Kingdom last year and had a great time with the characters as they got into place just before those big gates opened to the crowds. I grinned like a chesire cat all that parade route :D

Another was the Beast proposing to me....I love the Beast and would have ran away with him if DH didn't have my purse :lol:

Another was dancing with Mickey at Epcot.

31-05-2010, 09:55 PM
Two come to mind immediately.

One time, Herself and I were in MK with Herself's Mother (who was in a wheel chair). We were there for Early Morning Magic hour or whatever that's called. :lol:

We were over by Frontierland headed to Pirates of the Caribbean when we heard someone shuffling along behind us. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffleshuffleshuffle... the person picked up speed and came along beside us.

IT WAS MICKEY!!!!! It was just Mickey, the three of us and his CM guard person. Mickey was so sweet to Herself's Mother and she was just as excited as a little kid.

The second one that came immediately to mind was when Seth saw Tinkerbell and some of the other faeries. We waited AGES for him to be able to see them, and then Tink KISSED him!!! He was over the moon! He slapped his little hand on his cheek and declared, "I'M NEVER WASHIN' MY FACE!!!" :laugh:

Tink roared, as did we. :yes:

There have been others, but those two were extra special.

31-05-2010, 10:14 PM
We've had two that stand out. :yes:

The first one was while we were enjoying the breakfast buffet at 1900 Park Fare a number of years. My DW and I were seated at the back of the restaurant. My DW was seated on the back wall looking out at the restaurant and I was facing her. As we were enjoying our Mickey waffles, I saw a smile start to creep across my DW's face. I didn't think too much about it, I was just glad she was enjoying herself. All of a sudden, something slapped the top of my head and as my eyes glanced up, a large red flap of something was hanging over my forehead! I about either a) jumped out of my skin or b) had a heart attack on the spot. I turned around quickly and there stood Pluto who immediately started patting me on the shoulder as if to assure me that he didn't actually really mean to kill me! :mental:

The second was just a couple of years ago. My DW was trying desperately to get a picture with Lilo and Stitch. She had promised her son she's do this. His girlfriend at the time was a huge Lilo and Stitch fan and wanted a picture of them in the worst way. We had been trying and trying to get one the whole trip. Seems like every time we saw Lilo and Stitch, we'd start in their direction and just as we got to them, their handlers would turn them around and march them back inside when we were about 20 feet away. This must have happened 4 or 5 times. Finally, on one of our last days, we had just gotten into the AK. As we were crossing Discovery Island, we turned left towards Camp Minnie-Mickey just to get out of the flow of traffic. Around the corner of the gift shop there, my DW almost ran down Lilo, with Stitch right there also. And the best bit... there was no one else around. None. Zero! She had them all to herself! All be accident! We got her the pictures she wanted. :thumbsup:

Tom (:macwave:... what a character!)

02-06-2010, 08:26 AM
Ooh, I forgot this one.....

On our way to go on Buzz Lightyear when we bumped into Stitch. DH ended up doing the actions to Night Fever with him and then along came Push who tried to join in. Things got really funny as they usually do with a talking trash can!

02-06-2010, 03:15 PM
Baby Steven and Cinderella. :D