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mainecoon lover
08-09-2010, 07:29 PM
I never thought in my wildest dreams i could say lets go away for the weekend to dh, due to Beth's needs. Then Saturday the 22nd August whilst doing the boring weekly shop i got brave and asked him if we could go away the following weekend. He said he could see no reason why not as Beth was in respite and after losing two cats in 36 hours we could do with it. He asked were i was thinking when i quickly shouted Boston and then changed the subject :pop:. He went quite for a while and said Boston UK or Boston MA, i replied MA. I do not know why he or any of my family were shocked with me to be honest, you would think they knew me by now ;). He eventually gave in after a very quiet drive home from food shopping :D.
When we got home i was straight on the internet reminding him how much he liked to pack the food away or change the way i had done it :d:. I found some costing we would be happy with and then set about seeing if the respite home were happy for us to be out of the country, i think they thought i meant France and were also shocked. They will get to know me soon ;). I checked to see if my parents would stay the night and have Beth for 3 hours so we could miss the bank holiday traffic but thankfully the respite home agreed to collect her at 8am.

We thought we had found the idea price and flights and clicked book only to be told someone would contact us :rolleyes:. They phoned back the following morning saying it would be an extra 600 and we said no. We then decided against it thinking something was telling us not to go but were persuaded by respite and family to go. We eventually found good flights with AA and a good boutique hotel at a good rate. Wow we were going on holiday in 4 days :D

Sadly in this time another of our cats got sick and we had to have our beautiful girl Rafi put to sleep the evening before. She was such a Character with her bossy ways and we felt a big hole in the home. We now had no excitement what so ever but knew we would only be home crying all weekend.

Beth was collected at 8am and we left straight away to avoid the traffic. Out flight with AA was not until 1805 from Heathrow. We stopped for the toilet and grabbed a coffee to go at the services. The roads were clear all the way up which was typical and if we had known we would have booked the 3pm flight. We were at Heathrow and all checked in by 12:30pm with a long time to wait. The time actually passed quite quickly. We had burgers in TGI Fridays as we knew the food on the flight would not be up to much.

We finally boarded at 17:30 and had a slight delay due to a runway being closed earlier in the day but made the time up on the way over. Sadly we had no TV's in the back of the seat and although we were not interested they did not offer duty free :confused2. The food was the usual chicken but with rice instead of pasta, laughing cow cheese triangle with two crackers and 2 biscuits for dessert. We were also given a very hard roll with plastic cheese and ham and another cheese triangle and twix before landing. The flight passed slowly but we were soon coming into land. I was quite shocked to see how close the landing strip was to the sea :omg: and glad i was unaware till we were landing.

Customs was a nightmare as they only had 4 checkin desks open for international arrivals and even the security guys had enough. They only checked one hand and then told us to carry on. I must say we were well impressed with the T (subway). We caught the free shuttle bus from the terminal to the T which took 5 minutes, then after working out the ticket machine bought one way tickets for the T costing $2 each. We only had to travel 3 stops which took about 8 minutes. The subway was the first ever in the USA and one of the easiest that i have traveled on. They have the routes colour coded which we had checked out on google maps by putting in starting point to destination. It is also wheelchair friendly at most stops and if we get to go next year will use it with Beth. We were literally across the road from it at the Ames boutique hotel, which was great as we had now been up for 20 hours. The hotel was very modern although on entering i became very worried as they had some sort of party or disco (my age shows here with disco :d: ) going on. They assured me we would hear nothing and thankfully we did not. The room was very modern with a huge walk in shower and lcd tv on the wall. We were soon in the land of nod hoping we would not wake at stupid o'clock the next morning.




08-09-2010, 07:49 PM
That's a very nice hotel room. I love the bathroom.

09-09-2010, 08:22 AM
I love the lines in Boston! I've stayed in Cambridge on the green line. Easy peasy traveling around the city!

09-09-2010, 10:58 AM
I used to fly into Boston a lot as a child but usually at night so I didn't notice the water so much. The first time I flew in as an adult during day time I thought we were going to land in the water :happybounce:. I asked my Aunt what the water was and she told me Boston Harbor. Sounds like a good start to your trip Michelle.

09-09-2010, 11:12 AM
:wave: Just saw this, did you like your location Michelle? We usually stay in the Doubletree Suites Harbour Front when we're there. Easy entry to the city.

mainecoon lover
09-09-2010, 01:49 PM
:wave: Just saw this, did you like your location Michelle? We usually stay in the Doubletree Suites Harbour Front when we're there. Easy entry to the city.

Yes we did but i would stay in the marriot if we are lucky enough to go next year with Beth