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01-10-2010, 08:15 PM
Have you ever returned a meal on Disney property? If you have, where was it? Why did you return it? What was the outcome?
Maybe you were very unhappy with the meal but didn't have it in you to complain....

01-10-2010, 09:24 PM
The Brown Derby is the one that comes to mind :/

Ordered steak for me, chicken for DW. Mine came and hers was nowhere to be seen. Asked about it and it was dumped in front of her a minute later by a fed up looking waiter. Anyway it was completely cold.

We complained and the server sighed and started putting hands all over it :/ and said well its warm underneath (whatever that means). He then said well I'll have it warmed up if you want which of course we didn't since he'd had his grubby mitts all over it. :slap:

02-10-2010, 01:55 PM
I returned a meal at the Coral Reef once. I ordered my meat to be cooked well done and without the sauce. It came without the sauce but when I cut into it, it was bleeding.

I sent it back. They sent me another meal out - totally fresh meal - but it was covered in sauce.

I sent it back. I then got the origianl meal back (meat had the same tiny section cut off) that had been cooked a little more! The meat had been cooked more but the veg was now stone cold! Plus, on the way to our table the waiter stumbled over a bag on the floor and pushed my meal back to the centre of the plate with the back of his fingers.

I gave up as by this time DH had finished his meal and we had a Candlelight Processional booked.