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10-10-2010, 02:49 PM
It's something I've read a lot about recently. Do you think disney has gone downhill since your first visit?

Disney dining - They have increased all buffets services and lowered the quality of food, i.e. took off prime rib at Boma and a few other restaurants.

Disney Concierge Service - I've been reading that the food isn't what it used to be. Yet people pay a large premium for this. Food runs out and is not replenished etc.

Christmas attractions - Took away the lights at Epcot. It was just beautiful. It totally ruined the whole effect last Christmas season.

less parades - again no parades in epcot

Nickel and Diming the guest - Holiday surcharges for buffets. Okay, I can understand Thanksgiving and Christmas. But Memorial Day through 4th of July too! It's just plain wrong.

Doubling the price of a stroller- Double stroller 1 1/2 years ago was $18.00 now it is over $30.00. If you multiply that by 7 days it's the price of a rent a car!

Ticket increases - Every August there is a ticket increase!

We know the money isnt going to pay the staff any more since CMs find it hard to live and have second/third jobs

What do you think?

10-10-2010, 03:35 PM
I for one do agree that certain things have changed to the detriment of WDW IMHO.
I have heard nothing but grumbles from several CM`s that I know regarding the various dining plans they have introduced, and these plans have in turn made it almost impossible to dine at any of our favourite WDW restaurants unless we make an ADR several months in advance!

Obviously prices have to rise in line with inflation etc., however it does seem as though Disney are trying to take us guests for every $ that they can!

10-10-2010, 05:45 PM
We have noticed the quality of Disney food has declined over the last four years or so.

Other than that it seems much the same. The stroller price is pretty shocking though. The car parking charges seem to go up every year as well.

10-10-2010, 06:41 PM
Yeah, this 6 months in advance to decide where you want to eat has some problems. I much preferred when we could walk into a park, walk up to a kiosk and make a reservation for that night.

As far as the parking costs since we are both AP holders and we stay on site this has not been a problem for us.

11-10-2010, 02:08 PM
Oh. Jeez. I'll try to be kind.

Yes, I think the focus of Disney has changed from making every effort to give each guest an unforgettable and unmatchable (elsewhere) experience, to getting the most they can from every guest's dollar.

The decline in food and service is primary in my thoughts. We used to completely enjoy going for a Friday night stroll around the WS and decide where to eat at a moment's notice. Now, forget that, eh? Clearly, Disney doesn't want the local's dollar for food.

We used to believe that Disney was the absolute cleanest park system anywhere. Not so much now with dirty pavements, litter and bathrooms that need attention more often than not.

The increased charges for everything at the FWF, particularly the food demonstrations that used to be free (now cost $9-$13 per person) are a real disappointment. :(

Staff are overworked (and still horrendously underpaid) and it shows. Training is not as comprehensive as it once was, and that shows too.

We still go, but right now I can honestly say it's more because of the memories of what once was. :sigh:

Not sure where it is headed, but I do wish someone would come along at the corporate level and remember that Guests are more than just bottomless pocketbooks. :(

11-10-2010, 04:16 PM
Perhaps they could buck up their ideas by early December :thumbsup:

Fingers crossed.

11-10-2010, 05:39 PM
I have to agree...

To me it seems like its just gotten too big, does that make sense? I mean, its always been huge, but however was at the head of things was REALLY at the head of things, and all guests were treated in a way that made you think YOU were special and unique... now... its like going anywhere else...

There is still magic, but I do believe that its more because I want to experience the magic, than because of what Disney is doing...

11-10-2010, 06:15 PM
I think money has overtaken them tbh, its getting to the point for us that soon we might not be able to go there again due to the cost of the park tickets which are going up every year. Its almost the same cost for us to stay in a hotel and flights for 2 wks as it is to get park tickets for the same amount of time!

11-10-2010, 08:38 PM
I feel I have to go looking for the Magic instead of the Magic finding me.


11-10-2010, 11:33 PM
Yes, DisneyFreak. That sums it up completely. Looking for the magic instead of it swirling all about as it once used to. :sorry:

It's still there, but ever so much harder to find.