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28-10-2010, 02:41 AM
A co-worker and I stayed at the Embassy Suites in Downtown Orlando (on the corner of Pine & Rosalind) last Friday night.

It was a really nice hotel. Lots of amenities including fitness room, pool, bar, close proximity to bars & eateries, valet parking...

The room was HUGE. We had an outer sitting room with TV, couch, sitting chair, desk, mini bar with mini fridge, sink & microwave.
The bathroom had lots of towels, hair dryer in a fancy pouch instead of plastered to the wall, and sample toiletries.
The bedroom part had a seperate door to close itself off from the bathroom & sitting room. The beds were RIDICULOUSLY soft with feather-top matteresses and feather pillows. But there was a nice view of the downtown.
The only downside is that the walls are relatively thin. I heard the guys next door come in from the bars at ~2am. BUT it was only for a few seconds and then I was back in dreamland.

Downtown Orlando in general was not "family friendly" per se, but fun if you're a young couple or singles out on the town. Tons to do. Co-worker and I ended up walking down to Church St. and checking it out and around Lake Eola to the Thornton Park neigborhood to a BBQ joint called "Wildside". The BBQ was delicious and Thornton Park is the "up-and-coming" trendy neighborhood du jour. Lake Eola was beautiful to walk around and boasts "swan boats" you can rent and paddle around the lake, as well as the Walt Disney Amiptheater that is host to numerous concerts throughout the year.

Downtown is only ~10-15 minutes from the attractions and could be worth considering on your next trip!

19-11-2010, 11:45 AM
Another nice thing about Embassy Suites - free cooked to order breakfast in the AM and free cocktails in the evening.

20-11-2010, 10:40 AM
Nice review Gwennie! You might have liked Ceviche too. It's on Church St., too. :yes: