View Full Version : Flying into Miami Airport instead of MCO

24-11-2010, 12:04 PM
I'm finding it difficult to get flying club seats for next year to Orlando flying from Gatwick or Manchester :(

I have checked and there are some available from Heathrow to Miami but I'm not sure. It will mean a 5 hour drive to and from the airport and also 2 nights in the airport hotel, but I just don't know what do do.

Has anyone ever flown into Miami and then driven to Orlando of vice versa?

The sad thing is that I can get flights to LA no trouble at all and we could go back there again for a change, but it means I will miss out on spending special time in Orlando :( and I don't want to :sigh:

24-11-2010, 01:02 PM
I've had to do that for next year as we were using BA miles, I have however flown into Miami with VA before albeit in 1997! It's more like a 4 hour drive and is very easy. Instead of staying in an airport hotel we have decided to drive a couple of hours up the coast and stay for a few nights at the beach to get over our jet lag before driving to WDW. Everybody I've spoken to that's flown into Miami has had a good experience and the planes and service on them is a lot better because it's not just bucket and spaders. I've researched it quite a bit so if you have any questions just shout

24-11-2010, 01:13 PM
Thanks Julie :hug2: I've got to run it all past Chris, but it seems like the only way we will be able to go next year.

I must admit I was a bit wary of flying into Miami after all the things you used to hear, but I just wanted to get some info together before I sat down with Chris and gave him his options. I never thought about driving to the beach and staying for a few days, that's another option for him :D

I can imagine the service would be better, we found that the year we flew to LA with Virgin, it was like it was a different airline completely.

24-11-2010, 01:53 PM
I was really worried when we first went to Miami in 97. There'd been some news reports about tourists straying off into the bad areas and i dont think Miami vice helped either! I was a smoker at that time and after a 9 hour flight was desperate for a ciggy! I left Jon at the car rental desk and went outside to feed my habit. I lit up and a very dodgy looking guy with a gold tooth came up and started talking to me and I didn't understand what he was saying. I was petrified, dropped my ciggy and ran back into the terminal! :sorry: I'm a bit ashamed now as I'm guessing he was a cab driver. I survived anyway and lived to tell the tale! Lol

27-11-2010, 12:27 PM
Miami is an incredible city! You'd be able to stay over there a day or two and have a good explore! South Beach is really nice (but don't eat on Ocean Drive)! :eek: (High prices and lousy food).

It's an easy drive right up the turnpike, and usually takes no more than four hours. Traffic can be heavy, but usually only on holidays (like near Thanksgiving, ect.). If you want to take 95 you can stop over at Disney's Vero Beach Resort! :yes: