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15-12-2010, 02:13 AM
Finally!:hug2: it was our turn to return to the House of Mouse! December 5th 2010 felt like it was never getting here :unsure:And of course...EVERYTHING tried to go wrong:thumbsdown:

1st I wound up working the entire day :rolleyes2:- Then Steve never got a chance to take a nap :toetap: late payments, late rentals..tons of paperwork the accountants suddenly decided they needed 5 mins before closing:banghead::lipwobble::brickwall::hissyfit: :stormmad: and then...CLOSING TIME:worship:

Then we need air for the tires:surrender:....4 gas stations and a car :sorry:wash later we find the elusive beast and air up our tires for the trip at hand! YAY ON THE ROAD!!! and it only took 2 and half hours after work to get to this point lol:taunt::mysterymachine: we drive until 2 am and seek out a bed for the night.Nothing exciting on the road trip itself except I haggled a $69.99 room down to $39.99:dream::wiggle::wiggle: I didn't drink any milk which I paid for dearly....an hour and half later I am awake again- so I :bath: and then :couchsleep: and my legs trying to make thier way to WDW with or without me so i sit up and wait for Steve to wake up. Atleast one of us got a little sleep lol.:yes: 5:30am and we are :mysterymachine: again. The weather is beautiful and chilly. No rain anywhere in sight. Around 8 am we decide we need to find food before one of us doesn't make it in one peice to WDW :whistle: We find a little Huddle House and pull in. The food and service were fantastic! They feed people like Disney does lol We made a mental note to make one order and split it next time. After eating entirely too much and rolling ourselves to the van we find the next rest area freshen up and then get ready to make the last few hours of the trip. Have I mentioned that we have been to every rest are between our house and WDW lmao...but it makes it easier on our legs and backs so eh...what's the harm lol Again the travel was great with no rough patches anywhere :)

15-12-2010, 02:32 AM
AFter a few more hours..ther it is..the most beautiful sign in the world!!! Welcome to Walt Disney World!!!:tiggertail::donald::laughingmickey:

Now let me say this...I did do my ADRS and check in online which was FABOO!!! We get to the campground..yes you read right...my fluffeh self camped this time lol Check in was quick and painless and we were off to the campsite We lucked out and got not only a site within 5 steps of a comfort station BUT the bus stop was right behind it!!!:worship: After wrestling the :camping: into submission we hit the comfort station then the bus stop lol we took the bus to the Trails end and then the boat to the Magic Kingdom :) We are finally Home!!! We grabbed a quick bite to eat infront of the Haunted Mansion, then rode said ride...then headed off to Epcot where we had dinner at the Nine Dragons later that evening.

The absolute best moment came at Lunch at Tonys in MK with Johnie and her funny friend ..who it shames me to admit I can see her face clearly but her name is escaping me right now...:sorry: That was a wonderful time and had I not been in such bad shape we would have stretched that day out with you 2. Now I know about the scooter rentals off site and will be ready on the next trip!

There were no lines for the rides and no waiting to eat..it was lovely :) 2 things we did not anticipate- the first being how bad my mobility had gotten since the accident with my knees and the other that yes Fultons now takes the dinning plan but only the platinum and premium ones and there was no warning beforehand.:sorry: My travel around the park was really slow and I was in so much pain by the time I got back to Baton Rouge Steve traded days with me to give me a day in the bed lol...but I'd do it all again in a heart beat.

15-12-2010, 02:50 AM
Arica is her name :-). We had a great time with y'all.

15-12-2010, 04:16 AM
That sign sure is nice to see! Funny how a sign can bring such a big smile!

16-12-2010, 12:57 AM
Arica ..I won't forget that again :) Please tell her we look forward to seeing here again one day :)

16-12-2010, 12:59 AM
That sign was the most beautiful thing lol...It so made that sleepless night so worth it lol.

We had a really good time and as you can see already have a countdown started for the next trip muwahahahahaha...I'm comming back for you my little tastey crunchy snackaronies