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30-07-2008, 09:30 AM
Is it true you have to leave a credit card for tips to be put onto and its all at a certain percentage so you cant really decide yourself?

If so, how much does a cruise of 7 days add up to in tips?

30-07-2008, 11:20 AM
You have to give your cc details at check in so that your on board charges can be charged to it.
On one day during your cruise they will leave envelopes in your stateroom into which you insert your tips for the Stateroom Host/or Hostess, The Head Server, Your Server and the Assistant Server.
It`s up to you whether you want these charged on your cc, in which case you call into Guest Services and they will give you slips for you to place in the envelopes which you hand to the recipients on the last night of your cruise.

Please bear in mind that the CM`s are very poorly paid on the ship and the tips account for the vast majority of their income.
I don`t begrudge leaving the tips as they all do a fantastic job in looking after you during the cruise.

There is a recommended rate for the tips which is stated in your cruise documents. I don`t have up to date figures but to give you some info. in 2002 [the only cruise docs. I can easily lay my hands on at the mo.] they were $25.25 for the Stateroom Host, $6.50 for the Head Server, $25.75 for the Server and $18.75 for tha Assistant Server.....all based on a 7 night cruise.
No doubt these have risen in line with inflation but from memory they haven`t risen to exorbitant levels.

30-07-2008, 11:25 AM
Here you'll find the suggested gratuities for the 3, 4, and 7-night cruises. If you prefer not to pay with cash, Disney Cruise Line will allow you to charge gratuities to your onboard account. Gratuities are listed are for the entire cruise and usually paid on the last day. Gratuities can also be pre-paid prior to sailing. Many guests find this convenient.

Of course, you should never feel that a reward is automatically expected from you. But it is customary to give gratuities in recognition of service. Typical tips per person, including children, are $12 per day on the Disney Cruise.

3 Night Cruises: $36/person total
4 Night Cruises: $48/person total
7 Night Cruises: $84/person total

The breakdown of your tipping is as follows:

Restaurant Server
3-night $12.00 per person
4-night $16.00 per person
7-night $28.00 per person

Restaurant Assistant Server
3-night $9.00 per person
4-night $12.00 per person
7-night $21.00 per person

Head Server
3-night $3.00 per person
4-night $4.00 per person
7-night $7.00 per person

Stateroom Host or Hostess
3-night $12.00 per person
4-night $16.00 per person
7-night $28.00 per person

Dining manager/Maitre’ d: at your discretion

Room Service:
To be paid at the time of service at your discretion.

Porters/Baggage handlers at the Port:
To be paid at the time of service. Most cruisers tip between $1-2 per bag.

For your convenience, a 15% gratuity is automatically added to bar, beverage, wine, and deck service tabs. Since your cruise is cashless, this charge will be added to your onboard account. Suggested tips in the Vista Spa is 18%.

Kids Counselors, Cruise Staff, Guest Services, and others -
These positions are not usually tipped. If you would like to give them a special gift for exceptional service, feel free. Phone cards are appreciated as many Cast members are away from home for long periods of time. Cash for incidental expenses between paydays is also appreciated.

These are just suggestions, please feel free to use your discretion.

30-07-2008, 11:29 AM
We've been phoning around for info for the main site and just now received the following for the cruise tip guidelines:-

DCL from July 13th, 2008

Voyage Length (nights) 3 4 5 7 15

Dining Room Server - $12 $16 $20 $28 $60

Asst Dining Room Server - $9 $12 $15 $21 $45

Dining Room Head Server - $3 $4 $5 $7 $15

Stateroom Host/Hostess -$12 $16 $20 $28 $60

/Guest total -$36 $48 $60 $84 $180

The 15% gratuity added to bar, beverage, wine and deck service remains the same.