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31-03-2011, 05:32 PM
:wave: everyone! I am a runner with a Disney Problem.. I visit Disney whenever i can and run as many of the races held there as my wallet allows. Looking forward to reading and sharing on the forum! currently planning Oct's trip (for the wine and dine 1/2 marathon) and somewhere in there DH and I are trying to get back on the cruise. we are registered for Jan Marathon w/e and staying with friends at their BW DVC!:applaudit: I have an 18 y/o DS who enlisted in the USMC and will be going to Parris Island in Nov :eek3: excited and scared all at the same time. We need to get him back to WDW before he leaves...

we average 3-4 trips to WDW per year and my devious plan is to get DH to move south... but that's another story. I have expereinced my last winter in CT. :thumbsdown: I'm sure I'll be lurking around for a while. Happy to have stumbled upon this site :happydance:

31-03-2011, 06:39 PM
Hi DivaPrincessCT!

And :spraywelcome: to Secrets!

Great to have you here! Good luck to your DS with the Marines and Parris Island!

Hmmm... CT... I used to live there but managed to escape! :yes:

Tom (:macwave:... self appointed Assistant Cruise Director! :sail: )

01-04-2011, 05:20 AM
:hello1: and welcome to Secrets