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24-04-2011, 10:17 AM
As the title suggests, I'd love to hear about any embarrassing or funny moments you or one of your party has had while on holiday in Florida.

Don't be shy.....

24-04-2011, 12:14 PM
Here's two that I posted in an earlier similar thread. They're still both stupid and embarrasing! :embarassed2:

My DW and were spending one day at Typhoon Lagoon for some swimming, sun, and general floating about. Well... we decided that we wanted to go stand in the wave pool to bob around in the breakers. Now keep in mind, this was our first trip to Typhoon Lagoon. So, we waded out into the water till it was just over waist deep. Figured that would be a pretty good location for the next wave. So, we wait.... and we wait.... and we wait.... Started asking ourselves why people get so excited about this thing when it seems that the waves don't actually come all that often. After about 1 1/2 hours of this nonsense, we gave up and started wading back out of the pool all without having seen so much as a ripple. As we getting out, I saw one of the Disney lifeguards standing there in about ankle deep water. So, I ask him "How often do these waves come? Seems like there's not very many of them". His reply; "About every 90 seconds when it's working!". :taunt:

The next stupid thing was on our first Disney Cruise. When you first embark on a Disney Cruise, one of the first things they do after you board is put out a delightful lunch buffet at either Topsiders or Parrot Cay. Well, that time, we had opted for Topsiders so we got in line, got our trays and started through the line. Lots of wonderful things to eat! If you've been there, then you know. We got to the bread section of the buffet and there were all these wonderful breads, rolls, muffins... anything imaginable. Well, my DW spies a really big croissant in the back of the display. She pokes me and asks me to reach back and get it since it's too far back for her to reach. So I dutifully reach back, grab the croissant, and put it on her plate. She says that it's too big for her alone so why don't we split it. Ok. No problem. I pick up this monster croissant and try to pull it apart. Hmmm.... that doesn't work. So, I try to break it in the center. Durn.... this is one tough croissant. Finally, it gives up and in a fit of crumbs breaks it two. Victorious, I place one half on my DW's plate and the other half on mine. That's when the CM comes running over and ask's us to please not eat the artificial displays! :mental:

Tom (:macwave:... not gonna let me forget. Are we?)

24-04-2011, 12:22 PM
The worst one was when I went to Wet n Wild about 10 years ago. I cant swim but decided I liked the look of a slide where the water wasnt deep at the bottom. I went to the top and asked a life guard if it would be safe as a non swimmer to do and she told me 'absolutely'. Well down the slide I went and went straight to the bottom. I was floundering. My dd had to haul me up and my glasses were lost on the bottom. Cue the lifeguard at the side of the pool who had to rescue me as my dd couldnt keep me up, lots of other swimmers who surrounded me and a crowd who gathered at the side to see what was happening. I was mortified. Everyone then proceeded to look for my glasses and they were eventually found at the bottom of the pool.
I was so embarrassed I disappeared PDQ and my kids thought the whole thing was hilarious.


24-04-2011, 12:23 PM
oh gosh where to even start :lol:

Family member who stopped in the middle of an animal kingdom path tearing at her hair, hopping up and down in hysterics shouting "SNAKEEE!!!!!! ARHGHGH" until a CM picked up the snake and said "no, a branch."

Erm we got there once and must've been overly "UK" in our accents. Blank stares from the folks at the airport to whom we were trying to talk, towncar driver didn't understand us. So we finally arrived late at the disney hotel and I said, in a very very careful precise slow voice "He-ll-o. We are from the UK and we are CHECKING-IN" the guy behind the desk paused just long enough so I thought oh heck :/ then laughed and said yeah mate I'm from manchester,uk but thanks for going slow for me.

erm what else. Friends asked me for a nice calm water ride to try. I said the Jungle cruise! They met up with us later and the guy was soaked. He'd actually fallen overboard not just into the shallow water but under the waterfall. I couldn't figure out how the HECK because you sit right in the boat with highish walls, but apparently he'd dropped a camera and went in after it. Ooops.

Um, oh yes, elderly relative a good long time ago now who was standing by the entrance to the tower of terror telling the young CM that this WAS her hotel and she needed to get in to get her tablets.

DW who phoned up asking for tickets to Mickey's Backside BBQ and was getting quite indignant that they couldnt find it on their system yet she KNEW it existed.

Im sure I've blocked out many many more.

24-04-2011, 12:34 PM
Mickey's Backside BBQ


I got Chip and Dale mixed up at the Garden Grill and had to hide under the table until they had gone away. :sorry:

24-04-2011, 04:12 PM
:lol: I'm crying reading all of these!!

I'm sure we have some that I have blocked out, but I remember going on POC our very first trip and seeing what I now know was lightening up ahead, I thought people were taking pictures. So I snap a few and soon enough our boat stopped and the voice of God came from the dark telling me no pictures please! The guy behind me leaned in and said "Yoooou got in trouuuble!"

24-04-2011, 05:41 PM
I LOVE the one about the Backside BBQ!!!!!! LOLOLOL!

I always think I should write down the one liners I hear that cause me to shake my head in wonder (sometimes astonishment!) but of course, I never do. :sigh: