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But in a different form. It's taking so long to get the time to do this. I promise I'll keep plugging away but it really is like 1 paragraph a night sometimes. So what I'll do is keep going with it in book form and every so often just post and excerpt here. Hope that's ok. :unsure:

This is from Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

Were in the Magic Kingdom! For Jo this is a first. Its pretty much a first for the boy too; he was 8months old last time he was here so doesnt remember being here. Were in the Magic Kingdom!

We have a slow stroll up Main St taking it all in and getting our photo taken in front of the castle by one of the many Disney photographers trying to take pictures of people in front of the castle. We get these on a Photopass card which will be used to store many official Disney photos over the coming two weeks.

The first thing we have to do now is get the boy to his pirate makeover that Id booked for him. He was checked in at the Pirates of the Caribbean and made to choose his pirate name and from here on will be known as Jeremiah. Once the name had been chosen we were invited into the main area where the makeover took place. I wont go into details so as to preserve the surprise for anyone doing this experience but suffice to say it was truly awesome. We were in there just over an hour and the adults in our group did not stop laughing the whole time. Jeremiah loved the whole makeover experience too. Id wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone; there were girls and grown ups being transformed into pirates too. Once Jeremiah had been sworn in as a fully fledged pirate and wed collected our souvenir photo we were on our way to buckle our swashes around the Magic Kingdom.

But wait, were not free yet. Jeremiah has been invited to join Captain Jack Sparrow on stage when he does one of his shows that day outside in the plaza. Jeremiah thinks about it but politely declines. To be truthful I think hes having a bit of sensory overload. The most excitement hes had in his 7 years is hand feeding a llama and so far today hes been on a monorail ride, had breakfast with Mickey mouse and been converted into a real life pirate. He probably just wants to lie down in a dark room now.

So instead of getting up on stage with Captain Jack we take Jeremiah and buckle our swashes all the way next door to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. I was going to call it a ride but Disney doesnt have rides, it has attractions. This one is a boat ride attraction. OK theres tons more to it than just a boat ride, but you do sit in a boat and ride around the attraction. And its one of the best in the whole of Disney World. If truth be told I dont totally like the addition of Jack Sparrow but its still a great...attraction. And hey, its air conditioned.

Its hot now and at nearly 2 hours since we had liquid refreshment so we head to Aloha Isle for a drink and/or ice cream. As we pass some merchandise stalls though Steven spots those hand held water mist fan things and wants one. Hes happy to use his own money to get one though so we stop while he makes his purchase. Then its on to refreshment land and we all sit on a bench in the shade with various things ranging from root beer floats to pineapple swirls.

Now the thing is with the pirate makeover is that they use heavy greasepaint for the makeup. Its probably somewhere around 90 degrees now and very humid. Jeremiah is suffering a bit. We manage to persuade him not to rub his face with his hands but cant stop him going at it with a paper towel. Ooops. While the rest of us finish our snacks Mr A takes Jeremiah to the restroom to wash his face clean of all the gunk. As we sit waiting my attention is drawn to a lady walking past pushing a stroller. To be polite we will say that shes not built Calista Flockhart. Shes large ok, really large. And shes wearing a very short summery dress. Looked really nice actually. Until the kids ditches something from the stroller and she bends down to pick it up. Lady bend at the knees for the love of god. No she bent at the waist, straight over, revealing a thong wedged tightly between two enormous buttocks. And no I didnt have the camera.

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