View Full Version : How much time do you spend videoing in disney?

31-05-2011, 11:31 AM
Im just wondering whether to take a video camera and a stills camera really. I dont want to spend my whole time there looking through a viewfinder and I can imagine a lot of people do. How do you stop yourself? do you only take your camcorder to certain things or do you always have it with you?

31-05-2011, 04:08 PM
I love Disney better without my camcorder!
I've spent many hours videoing events etc, and I do watch my videos once back home however, I now only take my camcorder if there is anything new from our previous trips.
The difference between videoing say, a parade and watching it through your own eyes is quite substantial. You feel the atmosphere and get into the spirit of things way more without a camcorder.

31-05-2011, 04:18 PM
This is why I prefer still cameras, you don't get quite so emersed but then I look at some of the fantastic videos people have shot and wish I had videod some of the memories too. hmmm it's a tough one.

I'd definitely like to get a really good video of the luau and hoop dee doo (Although I bet we already have them here :lol: )

31-05-2011, 04:37 PM
Interestingly enough, that was one of the considerations that I had when I bought my most recent DLSR. I wanted one that was capable of taking videos with continuous auto focus. That was part of my consideration. Now, I'll grant you that the one I got (Nikon D3100) can only take video in 10 minute segments, but in reality, I don't want to shoot longer than that anyway. Most of the time I'll take video and edit it down to a series of short vignettes. I don't think I'd ever have a need for longer video. If I want to shoot a parade, show, or something, I'd still break it up into segments. Long as I keep each segment under 10 minutes at the camera, I'm good.

So, I guess how I feel about it now is that my DLSR now gives me all the video capabilities that I think I'll need! So I won't be lugging around a video camera with me too!

Tom (:macwave:... we'll see how it goes.)

31-05-2011, 05:19 PM
We're big picture people in my family, however, there have been times when I have thought about not taking my camera with me. Then I shudder with fear of missing a nice shot and a memory, and decide to take it anyway.

My pictures will be my memories, when my true memories fade.

31-05-2011, 07:12 PM
I spend far too much time taking video and still pictures and then miss so much, especially when I'm trying to capture one thing with both cameras (DH doesn't like taking videos or pictures). It's even worse when you are getting stressed at trying to get pictures at specific times and your camera doesn't work. :point:
When we went to DLRP I didn't take nearly as many pictures and tried to take more of my nephews as they went round the parks.
If we have a kiddie by our trip next year I will definitely take both as it will be their first WDW holiday.