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02-06-2011, 01:32 PM
ok wew went about 15 years ago to dvc for the info but only went to be nosey to be honest ive never understood it can someone explain it to me in easy terms as ive searched online and more confused than i was think im have a stupid moment :unsure: but i cant understand it also dave is to busy with work for me to bother him with my silly questions :taunt:

02-06-2011, 04:38 PM
Ok I`ll keep it as simple as I can. :yes:
Basically to become a DVC member you buy a certain number of Points. The quantity of Points that you purchase is up to you, although there is a minimum of [I think] 150 Points and there is also an upper limit too...however unless you are a millionaire that should not be an issue. :lol:
There is a purchase cost per point of around $100 [we have been members since 1992 when it was only $50 per point] :banana: and DVC can arrange finance to assist the purchase.
When you have decided on how many Points you can afford, then you are allocated this amount of Points each year.
You can bank your points from one year to the next, and also you can borrow Points from your next "Use Year" if your vacation plans call for it.
When you become a member you are assigned a "Home Resort" which currently would probably be Bay Lake Tower.
You can reserve accommodation at your Home Resort in advance of when the booking window is open to others.
You can "spend" your points to fund your vacations throughout Disney [including the Cruise Line], and at many other places Worldwide.
When you have purchased your points, you then have to pay your "Annual Dues" which is based on a cost per Point basis, and this should be borne in mind before taking the plunge!
DVC members also get a few "perks" like a great reduction in the purchase cost of Annual Passes etc. etc.

There are loads of other issues that I could mention, but I have avoided this in keeping it simple.
As I mentioned earlier, having been a member for many years now, our original investment has paid for itself over and over again.
Most folk tend to realise a payback after 5 years or so, provided they take full advantage of their annual allocation of Points.

Hope all that makes sense, but if you have any specific questions then just holler! :thumbsup:

02-06-2011, 05:01 PM
well why dont they just say that :lol: that was easier for me to get to grips with thank you :)
so your home resort say its okw and you want to stay at bwv does it cost you more points as this isnt your home resort?

02-06-2011, 05:23 PM
so your home resort say its okw and you want to stay at bwv does it cost you more points as this isnt your home resort?

In a word, no! :lol:
Actually OKW is our home resort, but every resort has a points table [ie how many points per night] which apply to all.
DVC also split the year into 4 "seasons" so that you spend more points per night at the popular times [eg Christmas] compared with other quieter times of the year.