View Full Version : Disneyland giving Fastpasses to on-site hotel guests through September 5

16-06-2011, 08:53 PM
The Disneyland Resort is now offering free Fastpasses to its on-site hotel guests.

Each hotel guest gets two one-use passes per stay, so the offer is not as extensive as Universal Orlando's unlimited front-of-the-line pass - the current industry-best in-park perk for on-site hotel guests. And Disneyland's Fastpass perk is only scheduled through Sept. 5.

But with park guests snapping up the day's allotment of Fastpasses for Star Tours early in the morning each day, and Little Mermaid remaining a hot ticket as well, I'm certain that many on-site hotel guests will appreciate getting those two extra Fastpasses.

Hotel guests can use the passes on any Fastpass attraction. They don't have to use them on Star Tours or Mermaid, but, c'mon. The smart move is to use the "bonus" Fastpasses on the rides for which it is hardest to get Fastpasses, which this summer are Star Tours and Mermaid. (FYI to Walt Disney World fans, Toy Story Midway Mania is not at Fastpass attraction at the Disneyland Resort.) Grand Californian guests also get first crack at the day's Fastpasses to World of Color, in addition to the two bonus Fastpasses, but hotel guests have to get up early to claim those World of Color tickets. They aren't automatically assigned to you.