View Full Version : Safe for Children to play out?

Tom Morrow
26-07-2011, 10:05 AM
This goes for home and Disney to be honest

Im watching a report on tv right now that says parents over the years have got more and more protective of children and the time they have to play out is less and less as is the area they can play out in. It also says that this is crazy since the risk today is no more or less than it was, we just think it's worse.

So, are we being silly? How far do you let your kids roam and what about disney? can they go on their own to a park and at what ages?

26-07-2011, 11:14 AM
Well I certainly would not let my children, if I had any young ones, go to a Disney Park alone unless I knew they were responsible teenagers who could be trusted. And I don't mean 13 or 14 I mean older teenagers.

26-07-2011, 04:04 PM
At Disney they'd stay with me, at home I would have to tie them down if I wanted to keep them indoors!

I am aware of where my youngest (12 in a few days) is when he's out although he does go further afield than our immediate neighbourhood, there's usually a group of them when they do that.

My almost 17 year old, goes out and about with friends. There a pretty good bunch.

Both my boys and their friends are into bmx'ing so that keeps them from wandering aimlessly around the streets.

26-07-2011, 05:08 PM
it is a very difficult decision for a parent to make. as long as you feel comfortable with your decision and they have a good group of friends to 'go out with' then if you feel its ok then it is impotant for young adults to be given a bit of independece. perhaps staring of with small 'adventures first'. that said i think today is very different from when my parents grew up [they are both 58] i do think it is more dangerous now and i would never let them wander off an area on holiday wherever that may be. it is important to trust your children and let them know you believe they are capeable as this improves their self esteem and resilliance. wrapping them up in cotton wool does them no good as does sending them off from dawn til dusk with no way of knowing where they might be and with who.
my eldest is 12 and he gets the bus to school and goes to the local shop. i will be dropping him and a friend off at the cinema too. i dont let him go 'off to hang out' though. it is very difficult.

26-07-2011, 06:32 PM
My children have done things in stages that are age appropriate, some friends of my youngest go to town alone. I won't let him do that.

The boys are, and always have been, on the go until they fall asleep! Sometimes they feel the need to chill but mostly they want to be out doing things, I would quite literally have to tie them down to keep them in.

Both have good groups of friends, and most of us parents are like minded!

I want them to experience the adventures of playing out with their friends, whilst being more aware of what they're doing than they realise!

It IS a worry, especially with my eldest being the age he is and knowing what dangers are out there for lads his age.

Holidays are definitely a different story though, in an unknown place I would definitely not let my youngest wander, and my eldest would have to be with older teen or another his age that I trusted, and I would stay in contact with them...although in reality I would probably not let him out of my sight either!