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Hi Everyone
I am a huge Disney fan and am so glad that I stumbled upon this site. I love to keep up with the latest tips and tricks.

We are a family of 5, my sweet husband, me, our son (23), and two daughters (19 and 15). We travel to WDW every other year and, thank goodness, it is this year. We go in the fall/winter for a couple of reasons. The first time we went was on July 4th and I have never been so miserable in my life. We decided then that standing in line when it was cool was much better than standing in line when it was hot. Because of school, our daughters dance schedule, and my work schedule we either go at Thanksgiving or Christmas/New Years.

See you around......

01-08-2011, 06:10 PM
:wave: Hi and welcome to Secrets, it's a really friendly site and I';m sure you'll soon feel right at home.

We are also a family of 5, we have 3 children, Arun 19, Ryan 17 ( this month) and Kyle 12, we are going back to flroida in 21 days and are realy looking forward to it.

We have to stick to UK school holidays so august it is for us even though it's actually too hot & humid for us but cest la vie.

Enjoy planning your vacation nd do ask about anything you are unsure of, we'll do our best to help plan your trip :-)


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:wave: Welcome!!

We are so happy you found us :yes: Only 4 months! How exciting! What are your plans for you and your beautiful family for this trip? We like to know everything :D

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Hi and welcome

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thanks for the welcomes.

We are leaving on 12/16 just as soon as our youngest gets out of school and driving straight through this time (we usually fly but I am done with the airlines). Since we have 5 drivers it should not be too hard to do 17 hours.

Staying at Coronado Spring this time, it is our last Mod to stay in. Our family tradition is dinner the first night at Hoop then we go comando. We are going to venture off property this year and got to Harry Potter (not my choice but I am odd man out in the vote).

We let each child choose a dinner and no one can complain about the other's choice, so we are doing Cinderella, Teppen Eddo and Chefs de France for dinner, and Cape May, 1900 Park Fair and Crystal Palace for breakfast. Then, on our last day just before we start out for home we are going to Beaches and Cream.

This will be our 8th visit to WDW and I can't tell you how many at DL. We are really ready and will need the break by then. Our middle daughter is a sophmore at Texas A&M and is moving to an apartment, our oldest still lives at home and is going to UH and our youngest is a sophmore in high school, is in the marching band and dances with a professional Ballet company. She will have marching season and the annual production of Nutcracker behind her. Seems like huge mountain to climb before we leave.

01-08-2011, 10:04 PM
Welcome to Disney Secrets! It's so nice that you chose to join us. You'll find that our members are absolutely incredible. They are the friendliest group on the internet and love nothing better than to share their knowledge and love of Disney!

Looking forward to getting to know you and talking Disney with you. :yes:

01-08-2011, 11:33 PM
Hi There and welcome.

Besides our love of Disney we also have something else in common, parents of a dancer. My daughter has been dancing since 3 years old. When we lived in NJ she studied at NJ Ballet. My wife helped out in wardrobe and eventually she was head of wardrobe for the last 8 years we lived in NJ. So I know "Nutcracker" all too well and my wife was never home and when she was she was a grump.

My daughter went to college at Dominican University which had a dance program with Lines Ballet of San Francisco. She's back home in AZ and dances with Terpsicore Dance Company.

I'll try to keep you posted if any discounts come out. I'm expecting one to launch in a few weeks that should be during your trip.


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Hi and a warm :spraywelcome: to our happy place, glad that you found us.
See you around the site. :wave:

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Your family sounds very similar to mine growing up. We used to go every other year and drive straight through from Chicago. It was about a 20-21 hour trek. Our first night was always spent at the Hoop Dee Doo. We also did it our last night as well. The last trip we all together like that was in '93 when I was 22 and my sister was 18. I never got to old to go on vacation to Disney with the family.

We are all a friendly bunch here with lots of knowledge so if you have any questions about anything ask away. If you have anything info for all of us while your here please feel free to share with the rest of us. :yes:

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:hello1: and welcome to Secrets.
We shall be at WDW for Christmas too - can't beat the atmosphere at that time of year in the parks.

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Welcome to Secrets!

So glad you found us :)

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Hi and welcome to Secrets :wave: