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04-08-2008, 08:51 AM
Saturday 2nd August 2008!

I set my alarm for 7am, woke up at 6.20 instead :rolleyes008:

We all got ready and left the house at just after 8.30 to take a 5 minute walk to the train station, don't know exactly why we left that early but at least we weren't late! :lol:

Waited 20 minutes for our train, jumped on, saved seats for my sister and niece who were getting on at the next station along, they joined us and off we went.

After 1/2 hour had to change trains to travel to London Bridge, took the underground to Canary Wharf , looked around the shopping mall and the docks, then back to the underground to get to the O2.

We had 1/2 hour to spare before our allocated entry time so we rested and had sandwiches before going into the O2.

None of us has ever been in there before and we commented on how it was like Disney, where you walk inside a building and it seems you are outside! We likened it to Mexico at W/S although it was actually nothing like it!

We were amazed by it - there was a picnic area that was themed as a garden with shrubbery, play equipment grass and such like, and also a large tv showing the cricket!

Lots of restaurants, a chill out zone, a cinema, trees lit with fairy lights - you know the type of thing.

We eventually found the exhibition entrance and off we went. It was very thought provoking - some beautiful exhibits, and amazing when you think they are over 3000 years old. I do have mixed feelings about them being removed from the tombs though.

Didn't buy any souvenirs as they were all overpriced and the kiddos weren't that bothered! I already have a Tutankhamun card to give to each of the children anyway as a little keepsake.

So we left there and sat outside catching glimpses of the airplanes taking part in the Red Bull air race - awesome! We couldn't see a lot but we did see enough that made us want to buy tickets for next years race!

We were all getting very tired by this time and decided to go back into the O2 to sit down and have some dinner - after a short moaning and groaning and being completely unreasonable session by my DS13 and niece just turned 14 we eventually came to an agreement to eat at Frankie & Bennys. They were fine after eating - grrrr! :lol:

After that, DS9 wanted to visit the chill out zone briefly, we watched the airpanes from inside, then decided to head back to the underground to make our way back to Westminster.

On arrival we looked at Big Ben and the houses of parliament, and walked round to St James Park where we took the long way round whilst heading towards Buckingham Palace.

Our feet were throbbing, i mean like *really* throbbing - ouch! There was enough space on the little wall by the railings outside the palace for us all to sit down luckily, and when it hit 6 o'clock we watched the changing of the guards. When one of them did his little shuffle to get in position the crowd laughed and so did he! It was very funny!

So after that we sat a little while longer then thought we'd better drag ourselves up to walk back to Victoria Station where we loaded up with Krispy Kremes then ran to get the train that was just about to leave.

There were not enough seats available and DS13, Sis and niece were dotted around the carriage so DS8, DH and I took our chances in first class (although i can't really see why it was first class tbh) but got chucked out by the miserable ticket lady - bah humbug! :(

Chucked sis and niece out at their station, got off at ours and walked back home - had refreshing showers, hot chocolate and Krispy Kremes!

I do wish I'd bought my camera with me now as I saw loads of photo opportunies but on the other hand i was pleased i didn't have to worry about dragging it around with me - next time i'll get another small one to take instead of my big one.

Thank you for reading about our day out! :D

04-08-2008, 11:33 AM
Sounds great M. Lily went to it on her school trip. She is very "into" Egypt now. Krispy Kremes :yes:what a perfect end to a good day.

04-08-2008, 11:37 AM
What a busy day! :yes: My feet hurt just reading about it! Sounds lovely though. I'm surprised that the palace guard laughed! Is it just legend then that they don't smile, talk or make any sound while on guard? :unsure:

04-08-2008, 11:47 AM
well, maybe it was ok because he was just changing over - i dunno! we thought the same as you Tink. I know when we've seen the ones in their red tunics and bearskins - well they definately do not smile.

it was funny - even with all the noise we could hear their boots crunching on the gravel as they marched! it was a right old performance just to swap from one guard to another :rolleyes008:

04-08-2008, 11:49 AM
Sounds great M. Lily went to it on her school trip. She is very "into" Egypt now. Krispy Kremes :yes:what a perfect end to a good day.

mmmm, yum! AND i've found out they do them in the Tesco Extra store a couple of towns along - takes 20 mins or so to get there! :yes:

04-08-2008, 12:07 PM
Sounds Brilliant! I'd like to see it!

04-08-2008, 12:33 PM
Sounds Brilliant! I'd like to see it!

it ends this month!