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01-10-2011, 03:42 PM
I was up very early :yes: as I was meeting Lisaw in the contemporary resort at 8.30am after her breakfast with Mickey. Jon very kindly had agreed to drive me over and drop me off so i didn't have to navigate the I4 myself at rush hour:shocked:

As i arrived in the lobby i saw Lisaw's dh Colin and the kids and then Lisa came round the corner. We caught up about their trip so far (it was their last day :sorry:) and mine along the walkway to the Magic Kingdom. I must stay at the Contemporary again sometime, just being able to walk to the magic kingdom is fab!

My ticket that i'd checked yesterday worked thank goodness and we were in...my first time in MK for 4 years. I don't know how to describe it but it just feels 'right'. We had a little time to spare so had a photopass photo taken and used the rest rooms. We then went to check in- to the left of guest services as you go in to the park. We were immediately greeted and they have a name badge for you and bottles of water if you like and you get a headset so you can hear your guide. We got Landon and he was very nice and knowledgeable. You also choose your lunch from the menu at Columbia Harbour House which is included in the price. Both Lisa and i choose the chicken salad and a diet lemonade.

Now i'm not going to tell you where we went or what we learnt because i don't think i should on an open forum. If anyone wants to PM me i'd be happy to tell them but don't want to either ruin the tour for someone or ruin the magic. I have to say though it was great and the only disappointing part for me really was the salad, it was very boring and not all that fresh, i hope that it wasn't a precursor for the meals we had to come. I was concerned at the length of the tour and all the walking involved but to be honest it was fine, the tour is done in such a way that just as you feel you'd like a sit down you are offered one in the shade or a cool building and that applies to rest room breaks too.

The tour finished just after 2 i think i remember and Lisa had made me promise that i'd go on her favourite ride with her- Splash Mountain, this was a big deal to me as i'm a HUGE wimp when it comes to rides. Colin had taken our passes right after we got into the park and he managed to get us fast passes for SM for just the right time. The kids thought it was hilarious that I was a bit nervous about it! i tried to escape in the loos on the way over between adventure land and frontier land but to no avail! I was doomed...the 50 foot drop was looming. :surrender:

We got on the ride very quickly but it kept breaking down and i was petrified that we were going to crash into the front of another boat or they were going to crash into us! luckily that doesn't happen!!! I enjoyed the little drops and my favourite was the double one. We got soaked and do you know what I actually enjoyed it, i think the new lap bar has made me feel more secure. We went to see the photo and i reallly wish i had bought it as it showed me cowering under my arms and Colin and the 2 kids looking behind them to see what i was doing. Why didn't i buy it? Anyway Lisa wanted a dole whip so i thought it was very rude not to join them..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i'd forgotten how good these were. We ate them and then walked round towards the store, it was time to say goodbye. :sorry: I wanted to do a little bit of shopping before i met Jon back at the Contemporary at 5pm. I spent about an hour looking round with my jaw to the ground planning on what i was going to buy when we checked in. I bought Caitlin a duffy bear, autograph book and pen as a surprise and myself a 40th Anniversary notebook. I then went back over to the contemporary via the monorail of course and sat one of the floors of the contemporary on a large sofa which had free wifi waiting for Jon. I could have fallen asleep!

We had decided we'd get some snacks in the club room this evening as we didn't fancy going out and it was a really nice spread, there was a chicken pasta dish with a creamy mushroomy sauce, cheese and crackers, grilled asparagus mmm and other crudites, chips and dips. We had a couple of glasses of ice cold rose again and spent the rest of the evening hanging around the resort. Did i tell you i loved Royal Pacific?

tomorrow - sea world

03-10-2011, 06:03 PM
sounds like a pretty good day!

Congrats on going on Splash Mountain! Im so glad you enjoyed it!

04-10-2011, 01:33 PM
Sounds like a really fun day.

04-10-2011, 01:42 PM
Great report. I wish I could remember my day like that to do a report but I guess I get a litte ADD when I get to WDW!:tongue: