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13-11-2011, 04:58 PM
Ok. The title kind of gives it away. :surrender:

My DW is a pretty big Reba McEntire fan. Primarily as a result of the TV sitcom she had for a number of years. And, I admit, some of it has rubbed off on me. So, when the opportunity came up to get good seats for Reba's "All The Women I Am" tour, I popped for a couple of seats as a surprise for my DW.

Well, last night was the night. After a delightful dinner at Carrabba's Italian Grill (http://www.carrabbas.com/), we fought the traffic and wound our way over to the Gwinnett Center Arena here in Georgia.

Our seats were floor level. And pretty good ones. But as the concert started, we discovered that my DW, being a bit short, was having a hard time seeing. Especially when the 6' 4" monsters in front of us were standing. :eek:

So, glancing to the side, I noticed some available seats in the stadium type seating around the arena that were about the same distance from the stage as our seats were. I snagged the first show supervisor I saw and asked if there would be any problem with us moving up there so my DW could stand a chance of actually seeing the show. He opined that would be fine so up we went. Just a few rows actually but oh what a difference. :thumbsup:
Fortunately, we did that during one of the warm up acts before Reba actually came on.

Speaking of acts, there were four of them including Reba. They were:

Eden's Edge (http://www.edensedge.com/)
Steel Magnolia (http://www.steelmagnoliamusic.com/)
The Band Perry (http://www.thebandperry.com/)
and, of course, Reba (http://www.reba.com/)!

And what a show it was! :mental:

The warm up acts were good. Very good.

The Band Perry had just won three Country Music Association awards for their music.

Steel Magnolia was good but I found them to be way too loud the way they had the drummer miked. You could actually feel the bass drum beat in your chest. That's a bit too much for me anyway.

The surprise was Edens Edge. I thought they were excellent and I'd never even heard of them before.

And then there was Reba! :yes:

What can I say? This was about 45 minutes of the best music she's ever done over her storied career. The set decorations were magnificent. Her band was amazing!

The whole thing was just a magnificent, spectacular show. :thumbsup:

And through it all, Reba was her usual, gracious self. Constantly thanking the audience for coming to see her. Reminding everyone that the only reason she was up on stage in front of us is because of her fans. Truly one of the most gracious entertainers that I've ever seen or heard.

My only regret about the evening is that since this was such a late idea on my behalf, I didn't have time to try to register for the fan meet and greet with her or to pull in any favors. You see, before each concert, they have a meet and greet scheduled with her. You register for it and then they pick out a random bunch of people to invite. Of course, your local radio stations usually get first dibs. However, if I'd been smart enough, I had an "in" that I didn't even think about until it was too late. I may have mentioned before that my DW's son does casting in Hollywood. Currently, he's doing the casting for ABC's "Modern Family". Well, one of his best friends out there (that my DW and I got to know in Las Vegas) is also in casting and was actually the casting director for the Reba show when it was on the air. I should have called him. He knows Reba and all her people and yes, according to him, she's just as nice in person as she appears to be on stage. Anyway, I'm sure he could have gotten us into the meet and greet with her.

Oh well. Maybe next time. If I can remember. :sigh:

Anyway, if you're a fan and you get a chance, there's still a couple of stops left on her tour. In fact, next February she'll be in London at the Wembley Arena. If you like country music at all, you need to go.

It's a great show!

Tom (:macwave:... here's your one chance, Fancy don't let me down...)

13-11-2011, 05:25 PM
don't tell anyone but i'm a little bit partial to country music lol

We did a road trip from Charleston, SC to Altus, OK and stopped in Nashville- we went to the grand ole opry and i loved it. We got to see Joe Nichols on his first performance singing the impossible. I think my kids fell asleep during it but it was some experience.

I will look some of her stuff up Tom

13-11-2011, 06:47 PM
Here's one of her recent music videos doing her hit tune, "Strange".


She did this one during the show as well as a bunch of others.

Tom (:macwave:... strange himself...)

13-11-2011, 06:48 PM
Reba is a class act :yes: Her tv show was funny too. I've been watching re-runs lately.

Alysia absolutely loves The Band Perry.

13-11-2011, 06:55 PM
Her tv show was funny too.

Very. Cheyenne and her husband gave new definition to the word "dumb".

Alysia absolutely loves The Band Perry.

Quite an amazing family affair they are too!

Tom (:macwave:... wish I had 1/10th of some of their talent!)

13-11-2011, 08:19 PM
I love old Reba...when her hair was long. :lol: The 90's, early 00's Reba. One my favorites is Fancy. Oh and that one she did with Vince Gill.