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08-12-2011, 08:51 PM
If you think decorating your home for the holidays is a big task, imagine decorating a 1,115-foot-long ship.

For the first time ever, that was the task this year for the Holiday Services department at Walt Disney World Resort. They worked hard to prepare and install more than 300 custom designed décor pieces to adorn the Disney Dream for its very first holiday season.


Since the first holiday season of the Disney Magic, it has been a tradition to transform Disney Cruise Line ships into a winter wonderland for the holidays. But with a ship three decks taller and more than 150 feet longer, the task this year of decorating the Disney Dream was much larger than years past. Here’s a look at some of the décor by the numbers:

1,016 feet of garland, which is more than three football fields and nearly enough to stretch the entire length of the ship

66 holiday sprays ranging from 15 inches to six feet

29 wreaths ranging from 24 inches to five feet in diameter

41 Christmas trees ranging from two feet to 30 feet

One 20-foot-tall tree takes center stage in the atrium lobby weighing more than one ton and featuring 300 branches and more than 20,000 white LED lights

What’s more, the holiday décor is designed uniquely for specific locations around the ship, with themes and customized ornaments for certain spaces like the youth clubs and dining rooms.

09-12-2011, 12:11 PM
The really amazing thing to me about all that is not the statistics of how much "stuff" there is.


I'm amazed by the planning that went into building all those decorations. They had to know exactly what decorations were going into what spaces. What the area they were decorating was like. What size? What shape? What color? What goes with what? What doesn't? :unsure:

Then they had to build them all. Package them up for delivery to the ship. Then unpack them and have a small army put them all up.

All on a ship that they've never decorated before! :mental:

The project management they employ on things like this just boggles my mind. :worship:

Tom (:macwave:... overwhelmed!)