View Full Version : Materís Junkyard Jamboree Begins Ride Testing at Disney California Adventure Park

22-12-2011, 09:41 AM
With all the changes taking place at Cars Land at Disney California Adventure park, one of the developments that we all look forward to is ride testing. Itís really fun seeing our ride engineers fire up the mechanical systems for the first time Ė itís such a huge milestone!

One of our attractions that is just now entering daily ride testing is Materís Junkyard Jamboree where baby tractors twirl and swing around, pulling trailers behind them (thatís where we get to sit). When completed, the tractors will appear to be dancing to songs that Mater is singing Ė they just canít help themselves!

In addition to starting the ride testing, weíve been making some other big changes to this area with the installation of our marquee and a huge new set piece Ė Materís Junkyard Jukebox. Take a look and see all the great work thatís being done in Materís junkyard. (Please note that the music you hear in the video is for the video only and will not be part of the fun songs youíll hear Mater singing. More on these fun songs later!)