View Full Version : Disney Cruise Line - Dumbo Adorns the Stern of the Disney Fantasy

27-12-2011, 10:12 PM
Itís not every day that you see a flying elephant! But thatís exactly the scene that played out at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany the other week when the beloved Disney character Dumbo was placed on the stern of the Disney Fantasy.


This is another construction milestone in preparation of the Disney Fantasyís maiden voyage on March 31, 2012.


And Dumbo isnít the only Disney character who will adorn the stern. Heíll be joined by Timothy Q. Mouse, who will sail the high seas from atop the hat of his flying pal Dumbo.


Only 95 days left until this new Disney Cruise Line ship sets sail. Who is planning to explore the Caribbean with Dumbo and Timothy in 2012?

28-12-2011, 01:39 PM
Would love to but I don't think we'll be doing that this year. Since my DW has learned to fly, she's indicating that she want's to go to Los Angeles to visit her son and his new wife.

And of course, pay a visit to Disneyland! :happydance:

Tom (:macwave:... works for me!)