View Full Version : John Lasseter Tests Luigiís Flying Tires at Disney California Adventure Park

27-12-2011, 10:48 PM
Recently Disneyland began ride testing Luigiís Flying Tires and it is promising to be a fantastic experience. Thereís nothing like it anywhere in the world.

The vehicles have been made to look like oversized Fettuccini brand tires Ė the same tires Luigi proudly displays in his shop, Luigiís Casa della Tires. Once guests are seated inside their tires, Luigi will direct Guido to turn on the air compressor. With that command, air will be pumped up through openings in the floor of the tire yard and the vehicles will begin to float and fly. With Luigiís Flying Tires, the guest is really in control of the vehicle. By shifting your weight around, you can control the direction of your travel. And if thatís not enough fun, you can always turn a lever and make your tire spin!

John Lasseter recently stopped by to visit with the team and to take a tire for a flight and, as you can see in our video, he has quickly become one of our best flyers. The Imagineer is who is riding with John and giving flying directions is Mike Kilbert, our lead ride engineer and designer for the attraction.