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hi new on the site......off to orlando 4months ...2 adults 2 kids 11 yr .
have been searching for disabled parking info, best most cost effective places to eat....staying at lake buena vista resort and spa....been 3 times before all without kids so cant wait to see their excitement, last time i went was 14 years ago so will be lots of new stuff....some good and some not so good......like paying for parking at the theme parks.......would appreciate any recommodations on places to eat.....also what areas to avoid.....thanks sharon:wave:

03-02-2012, 01:13 AM
Welcome to the site
Disable parking is in the front of each parks main lots you will need
a handy cap car pass to use them. There is no trams from the the lot to the
gate The walk from the lot to the Magic kingdom is a hike .Epcot is closer
as well as the animal kingdom. The Studio has limited up front parking
when it fills up the park you on the other side of the bus parking get to the
studio early. Each lot does have limit complementary wheel chairs (only
to the main gate) Just follow the blue line after you pay.


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Hi Sharon and welcome to Secrets :wave:

Wow only 4 months until you go, the time will fly by :yes:

You will see lots of changes have happened in the last 14 years :D you are all going to have a brilliant time.

The best places to eat hhmm, well if you are in the parks then the quick or counter service are the most economical. If off site then the Golden Coral, Ponderosa places like that are usually very reasonable and you can pick up money off vouchers. I might be worth starting a thread here (http://wdisneysecrets.com/forums/restaurants-dining-dining-plans/) as you will possibly get more advice :D

If you live in the UK, the rules relating to disabled parking have changed, whilst Disney, SeaWorld and Universal still allow the use of the blue disabled parking badge, other areas are not so accommodating and you risk the chance of being fined. You can find more information about the Temporary Parking Permit here (http://wdisneysecrets.com/forums/special-needs/1378-updated-blue-diasabled-parking-badge.html)

The only place I would avoid would be Downtown Orlando, so long as you are careful you should be fine where ever you go.

Looking forward to getting to know you and seeing you round the site :yes: in the meantime why not add a countdown timer to your signature to count down the days till your holiday. You can find them here (http://toys.wdisneysecrets.com/countdown/) if you need any help then just shout :)

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Welcome to secrets

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Hi Sharon and a warm :secrets3:

Looking forward to seeing you around the site. :wave:

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Hello Sharon and :spraywelcome: to Disney Secrets.