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28-02-2012, 09:04 AM
Aboard Disney Fantasy, there are times and places for all ages. Young children have their own special areas and activities. So do tweens, teens and adults.

But in keeping with Disney heritage, the newest Disney Cruise Line ship is designed with families in mind and filled with experiences parents and children can enjoy together. Live theatrical spectaculars, dynamic deck parties, enjoyable recreation and entertaining game shows – all served up with a Disney flavor – combine with sumptuous meals to make for memorable family cruise vacations.

Here are some of the ways families can have fun together aboard Disney Fantasy:

Dinner and a Show

Evenings are a family-fun time aboard Disney Fantasy. While the dinner venues and the menus change, guests discover their personal wait staff awaiting them each evening at restaurants which serve up a healthy portion of wonder and magic along with a four-course meal.

Depending upon dinner seating, families can have an evening of memory-making featuring “dinner and a show” or “a show and dinner” as they combine the scrumptious fare of Animator’s Palate, Enchanted Garden and Royal Court with dazzling original live entertainment productions.

Each restaurant was created to be a fantasy adventure with appeal for the entire family – and not just involving what’s on the plate. There are feasts for the eyes and ears as well – a veritable “fifth course” for the family to savor together.

Whether before or after the meal, there’s plenty family fun in store during the evening, frequently at The Walt Disney Theatre, a 1,340-seat show place inspired by richly adorned theaters of a bygone era where guests gather for family-friendly live performances of original productions:

“Wishes,” is 45-minute musical – exclusive to the Disney Fantasy – about three best friends who discover the secret to being a grown-up is staying connected to their inner child.

“Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular” stars the wise-cracking Genie and other characters from the classic animated Disney Film “Aladdin.”

“Disney’s Believe” features a cast of Disney characters and a father dedicated to his work as a botanist who discovers there is something far more important to tend to than his plants.

Bookending those theater productions (and other evening fun at other locations) during the seven- night cruise are the welcome show “A Fantasy Come True” and the farewell show “An Unforgettable Journey.” Both musical productions are perfect family fare, one storyline stirring anticipation about the adventure ahead, the other a perfect ending to a Disney fantasy.

Fun and Games

Imagine a “family room” where everyone gathers for “game night.” That’s the spirit of D Lounge, on Deck 4 midship. It’s a bright, informal place with mod-inspired modular furniture that’s cushy and comfortable, made for kicking back.

However, there are differences from the typical “family room.” For starters, this one is designed to accommodate about 350 fun-seeking guests at a time. In addition, the fun and games aren’t limited to the evening hours. Throughout the day, D Lounge hosts activities for specific ages and interests as well as whole families.

And D Lounge is just the “hub” for family fun and games aboard the Disney Fantasy. Guests should check their Personal Navigator throughout the cruise to see where the action is.

Here’s a sampling of the family fun in store:

Goofy’s Rock Stars and Guitars Family Dance Party - The whole family ‘rocks’ at this interactive dance party filled with classic rock and roll! GOOFY is the Party Master as families compete for the “Golden Rock” award.

ESPN Monday Night Football Call It! - Disney Cruise Line worked with ESPN to create “Call It,” which features video highlights of memorable Monday Night Football games. How memorable? That’s the gist of the game: The on-screen action stops and fans recall (or not) what happened next.

Pirate’s Life For Me - Families participate together and enjoy swashbuckling competition with others during this game show, complete with pirate props, rollicking music and “Yo ho, yo ho” fun.

ESPN Dream Team Draft Day - Did you ever dream of being a GM and creating your own team of All-Time great players? At Dream Team Draft, guests have a chance to put together the best fantasy team ever. Beat everyone else at fantasy baseball, football or basketball without ever leaving the ship!

Family Fusion - Guests are live, on stage, in a quest test of their knowledge of their loved ones and how well they can work together as a family in a variety of mental and physical challenges.

Let’s Go to the Movies

Want to take the family to a movie tonight? Or this morning? Or this afternoon? Aboard Disney Fantasy, the 399-seat Buena Vista Theatre is THE place! In comfortable, posh, art deco surroundings, guests can sit back and enjoy first-run motion pictures – including films in Disney Digital 3-D… morning, afternoon and night.

For families who’d like to watch a movie in the open air, there’s Funnel Vision - a state-of-the- art, 24-by-14-foot LED screen atop the forward funnel on Deck 11 near Donald’s Pool. Families can sit back, relax and watch classic Disney animated features or live-action movies.

It’s Party Time!

The Upper Decks of the Disney Fantasy are a gathering place for family-friendly parties:

The Disney Fantasy has barely left the dock before the fun begins. “Sailing Away,” a “welcome aboard” show on embarkation day, is a time of clap-along, dance-along, sing-along fun on Deck 11. The party is 45 minutes long and smiles wide as a cast that includes Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and other Disney characters decked out in their seafaring finest lead the fun.

Once each cruise, there’s an evening brimming with buccaneer fun. The evening kicks off on the Donald’s Pool stage with “Mickey’s Pirates IN the Caribbean,” an interactive show during which guests become members of Mickey’s Pirate Crew. The ensuing live-action pirate showdown “Hunt Fer Jack” features no less than Jack Sparrow from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films. The culmination of the showdown is “Buccaneer Blast,” the cruise industry’s first and only fireworks display at sea. As the night rolls on, guests unleash their inner pirate and dance their boots off during “Club Pirate,” a family-friendly bash featuring electrifying music, stunning visuals and special effects.

Don’t change that channel – or location … just the time. It’s time for the Disney Channel at Sea Pool Party! The Cruise staff hosts an exciting deck party full of games and contests – all in between favorite Disney Channel shows. So sit back, relax and enjoy the sun.

Active Family Fun in the Sun

The Upper Decks are also the place for active outdoor family fun. Some highlights:

Brand new on the Disney Fantasy, AquaLab is an 1,800-square-foot water play area on Deck 12 designed to delight families with the splashing fun of pop jets, geysers and bubblers.

Next to the aft funnel at a level equivalent to a Deck 16 is the entry for AquaDuck, the first water coaster at sea. Aboard two-person rafts, guests go on a twisting, turning, up, down and over-the-side-of-the-ship adventure before splashing down on Deck 12.

Donald’s Pool for families and Mickey’s Pool for smaller sailors are conveniently located nearby one another midship so that families can all enjoy some water fun.

Goofy’s Sports Deck on Deck 13 is an all-ages, open-air activity center featuring a miniature golf course, virtual sports simulators and a basketball/volleyball court. There also are ping pong and foosball tables, while the deck is encircled by a walking track (perfect for a light – and scenic – cardiovascular workout).