View Full Version : Street Parties & Queens Jubilee

17-03-2012, 03:57 PM

Has anyone organised a street party before? We're holding a street party in June and it seems to have fallen onto me to be the one to do all the official stuff like applying for street closure, booking bouncy castle, organising entertainment, organising the meetings and distributing minutes, basically a big chunk of it.

I don't mind really but if anyone has any tips I would be grateful. I've organised balls and sporting dinners but they are completely different to a street party. When we first went round the houses we had more than half who wanted to come. Some wanted to be involved in organising, some just wanted to turn up on the day. Some houses we had no reply and they haven't responded to any of the letters put through the door. Tuesday was our first meeting at my house and out of the 40 houses only 14 houses came but I think come the day we're have a good turn out.

Been on the street party sites but it would be good if anyone has anything to add.

Thanks guys.