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11-04-2012, 10:30 AM
My cousin's son just turned 16 on Easter Weekend. On Sunday he was feeling flu like symptoms and on Monday wasn't feeling any better. He went to the Dr where they ran a bunch of tests and he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. They started him on chemo immediately. Please send some pixie dust, prayers or just good wishes his way please. His mom and dad (my cousin) are just beside themselves over this.

11-04-2012, 11:00 AM
sending buckets full of :pdust: their way. Will be thinking of him and pray that he will turn the corner.

11-04-2012, 11:03 AM
Oh John :hug2: what awful news, I am so sorry :hug2: Lots of the magic dust coming your way :pdust: :pdust: :pdust: :pdust: :pdust: :pdust:

11-04-2012, 12:30 PM

Here's praying everything works out all right. :pray:

FWIW - my DW's daughter in laws brother was diagnosed with this when he was around 10 or 12 years old. They immediately started very aggressive treatments. He ended up having a bone marrow transplant. He's now about 25 or 26 years old and seems to be healthy as a horse. So, there is hope.

Hope this helps!

Tom (:macwave:... a parents worst nightmare!)

11-04-2012, 12:47 PM
Sending our thoughts over to you all :hug2:

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11-04-2012, 01:14 PM
Sorry to hear that, John. I hope the treatment is successful. :hug2:

11-04-2012, 01:43 PM
:hug2:So very sorry to hear this John, they are doing incredible work in this area now.I am going to tell you of an incredible place to check out that I have started to go to a few weeks ago. The Cancer Treatment Center of America. I go to the one in Chicago and they are beyond wonderful. Their whole focus is on the patient. If they need a second opinion this place is the place to go to. They have 3 or 4 places I believe, Chicago, Philly, Arizona and?!I started at a very well known cancer hospital in Buffalo Ny and it doesn't hold a candle to this place. They treat the body, mind and spirit. They will fly you out free of charge and put you up in one of their facillities, give you vouchers for meals and do the most extensive testing and networking that I've ever seen ( and I am a nurse) They make it as easy as possible. Pm me if you want more info. :hug2::hug2:

11-04-2012, 02:54 PM
Omg... How devastating

((big hugs)) and lots of pixie dust!!

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11-04-2012, 04:12 PM
:( :comfort:

11-04-2012, 05:21 PM
Sorry to hear that John, he will be in my thoughts :hug2:

12-04-2012, 12:12 AM
Sending every good wish John.

12-04-2012, 01:01 AM
Sending prayers and good thoughts their way too :hug2:

12-04-2012, 08:59 AM
Sending everything I've got for this poor lad and the family, including you John XXXXXX

12-04-2012, 09:39 AM
Sending positive thoughts and :pdust: to your family John.

12-04-2012, 11:49 PM
So sorry to hear your news. Sending lots of love and light and everything else I've got to all the family. :hug2::hug2::hug2:

13-04-2012, 01:43 AM
That's horrible news to hear. My heart goes out to the entire family. :hug2: