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20-04-2012, 05:31 PM
I am still wading my way through the wonderful world of the Mac! I am starting to use iPhoto and was trying to upload a photo from there to Facebook. I have followed the instructions to the letter (I think :unsure: ). iPhoto says it is on FB, in a particular album, but when I look at that album on FB the photo isn't there. I have tried closing FB down then reopening.....any clues as to what I am doing wrong please?

Also, if I try to upload an individual photo to FB, or indeed to attach to an email, I can only seem to attach the whole lot of photos that are in the whole of iPhoto! Help!

I must admit I am finding iPhoto a bit tricky, but I think that is probably because it is new and I am old :lol: I am going to wade through the instructions and see which other ones don't work for me :D

Please prepared for other questions!!! Thank you!!!

20-04-2012, 06:25 PM
Ok. Sounds like your issues revolve around what you've got selected in iPhoto.

Let's start at the very beginning. Selecting what photos you're going to do something with.

In iPhoto, pick any one of your photo albums you'd like to work from. This should give you the display of the photos in that album on the right hand side of the screen with the album name displayed across the top. Now, there's several things you can do. These:

Select a single photo - just click on the photo. It should get a nice yellow border around it.
Select several contiguous photos - click on the first photo, then hold down the shift key and click on the last photo. This should select all the photos including the ones in between the first and last one.
Select several non-contiguous photos - click on the first photo, now hold down the command key and click on each additional photo you want to select.

Now, don't click anywhere in the area around those selected photos or you'll deselect the ones you just worked so hard selecting.

Try that a few times until you get the hang of selecting and deselecting photos. Everything else depends on it.

Tom (:macwave:... ancient Chinese proverb; "Longest journey begin with first step"!)