View Full Version : Star Wars Weekends 2012 Shopping at ‘Darth’s Mall’ at Hollywood Studios

27-04-2012, 09:04 PM
Coming soon to “Darth’s Mall,” a massive shopping location created just for Star Wars Weekends.


The striking image of Donald Duck as Darth Maul is a common thread throughout the entire assortment. The artwork above will be used on the two main logo shirts. There will also be shirts with images of Darth Maul from Episode I, including a stunning Passholder exclusive shirt in both men’s and women’s styles.




Similar to previous years, there will be open and limited-edition pins, boxed pin sets and a framed pin set. I enjoy the humor found in the “Piece of Death Star” pin (there is not an actual piece, but one can dream). I also like the Chewbacca-inspired, bandolier neck lanyard.


In the Vinylmation galaxy, Maria Clapsis designed six new open edition figures that feature Disney characters portraying Star Wars characters.


There is a beach towel that looks like the legs of a Jedi Knight (awesome!). There will also be an iPhone 4/4S case, with the fitting edition size of 1,999.


27-04-2012, 09:40 PM
I'm starting to get really excited about my first ever Star Wars Weekend. Hope there are some good pins!