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30-05-2012, 09:08 AM
Aquatica was designed with families in mind, from kid's play areas to the family bathrooms and first aid center, all family needs are centrally located. This makes it easy for parents to create a meeting place for their children when they arrive at the park.

It is a good idea to communicate this central meeting place with your family before your day of fun starts. This is especially important because it will become a place your kids will know they can find you in case they get lost.

Water isnít only for play

Make sure everyone stays hydrated. Kids often get distracted playing in the water all day and donít recognize how thirsty they are. Make sure they are drinking at least 6-8 ounces of water or juice every couple of hours.

Measure before you wait

Some of the slides at Aquatica have height restrictions. When the park is busy, Aquatica makes it easy for families with young kids to determine exactly which slides are safe to ride before they wait in line.

Aquatica team members will measure the height of younger guests to determine which color wristband they should wear. On days measuring is not being done at the entrance, guests can take their kids to concierge cabana at any time to get measured and given a wristband.

Ride regulation signs have the corresponding wristband colors on them, so it is easy to determine which rides children qualify to ride and helps ensures safety for your kids

Banana Beach Cookout

This is a great meal deal at Aquatica. Itís an all-you-care-to-eat-all-day buffet where your family can get breakfast, lunch and dinner. These meals include an entree, side and a drink. Options include pasta, fresh salad, pulled-pork sandwiches, hot dogs, fruit, pizza and scrumptious desserts.

There are a number of attractions designed just for kids!

Kataís Kookaburra Cove

This is an area that is especially fun for toddlers ages 2-4. It has smaller slides and water spouts for the little ones, making it a safe place for small children to play.

Walkabout Waters

This is a great interactive play area for kids ages 5-11. With water sprayers, slides and big buckets that splash gallons of water, Walkabout Waters is a kid favorite.

Loggerhead Lane

Enjoy yourself whilst floating along in the lazy river. This spot is fun for everyone in the family and life jackets are provided, so itís safe!

Are your young ones new to the water?

Aquatica is the perfect place for your childís swimming lessons (http://aquaticabyseaworld.com/CP/?page=SwimmingLessons&utm_source=Blog&utm_medium=Social&utm_term=SWO&utm_campaign=AquaticaKids_5_29). Whether your child is new to the water or simply learning to become a stronger swimmer, Aquatica has a class for every skill level. Our classes are taught by water safety instructors who can teach several skill levels, so your children can easily build confidence in the water. Little swimmers will love learning basic aquatic skills like blowing bubbles and treading water. Advanced classes focus on specific skills like arm strokes and leg kicks, as well as some emergency assist techniques.

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LOVE aquatica, have had some really great days there and made lots of wonderful memories :yes: