View Full Version : Three Men Charged in Disney Scam

04-06-2012, 09:26 PM
I can't believe that people would actually do this:

Three Florida men, Joseph Geiger, Robert Falk and Steven Nero have been charged for using pre-paid debit cards to trick employees and cheat Walt Disney World Resort out of $15,000 during one of their several trips, according to deputies.

Falk, of South Florida, developed the scheme when he went on a trip he had actually paid for four years ago, authorities said. The scam took advantage of a loophole in the Walt Disney World reservation system. Investigators say they would book a hotel room with a valid credit card and then when they arrived they would charge the room to a pre-paid debit card that was worth only $1 to $2.

They would then charge theme park tickets and other purchases during their stay to their rooms, according to authorities.

The men would stay below a limit Disney had of how much could be charged to rooms so their deceit would be unnoticed.

But their scheme ended after a cigar shop worker suspected something suspicious and alerted Disney security that the men were purchasing large amounts cigarettes at one time. Disney security then notified police which then lead to their arrest.

04-06-2012, 09:36 PM
I thought they charged you for the room immediately upon check in. You would also think that they would require immediate payment for theme park tickets too.

I imagine Disney will stop allowing people to use prepaid debit cards