View Full Version : Visit Aquatica for a Day Full of Laughter and Learning

05-06-2012, 08:26 PM
Aquatica has something special to offer besides thrilling rides and tranquil beaches. As one of the only waterparkís in the world that features animals, Aquatica Orlando is able to create an amazing, beat-the-heat environment, but also educate you while splashing around in the sun.

Splash around with the Commersonís dolphins!

The playful Commersonís Dolphins greet you with a splash as you enter the park! An team member will be standing by to update you on feeding times and give you the opportunity to learn even more about these high-energy dolphins.


Want an even closer look at the Commersonís Dolphin then take a ride on Dolphin Plunge and look out as it sends you, in an acrylic tube, racing through their underwater home.

Glide beside our exotic fish!


Tucked away inside Aquatica, you'll find a beautiful lagoon colored by exotic fish. Take a ride through Loggerhead Lane on a single or double tube to get the best view of these vibrant sea creatures.

Meet birds, tortoises and anteaters -- up close!

Conservation team members also love introducing guests to our other special critters, such as tortoises, macaws, anteaters and other exotic animals at the Conservation Cabana, across from the Loggerhead Lane entrance.


06-06-2012, 08:21 PM
We love Aquatica, we're planning to spend a little more time there on our next trip. This is my dad's most favorite place, he would be devastated if I told him we couldn't go back there.