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20-06-2012, 11:40 PM
Hi everyone! I'm from Italy and I'm new on this forum.

I'm planning a visit to Disneyland Resort this August and I have a simple question about the Disneyland park/California Adventure park entrance ticket.
Since it has happened too many times that I've lost something in an amusement park (I know, I'm very absent-minded and unlucky:unsure:), and I've lost also the entrance ticket in a non-Disney park and that caused some problems, now I'm always afraid to lost the entrance ticket in the parks I visit.
Since my visit is quite near, my question is, just for precaution: what could happen if I lose my ticket entrance at the Disneyland Resort?
I'm quite worried about that, in particular, because the entrance ticket is also the one you use to get the fast-pass tickets for attractions, and I'd like to know how the Disneyland cast members would support you in this particular situation.

I'll be very pleased and grateful to everyone will reply to this message! :worship:
Thank you very much in advance!

21-06-2012, 12:18 AM
Are you staying on-site at a Disney owned hotel? If so, you can go to your hotel concierge and have them re-issue your tickets/room key.

If you are buying your tickets ahead of time, I tell people to make photocopies (or if you can get a clear picture on your phone) of the park tickets. Guest Relations should be able to re-issue the tickets if you have that information. If you do not, then you are out of luck :sorry:

21-06-2012, 12:22 AM
A relative threw away her ticket one time. The FP CMs gave her a special card that she used in the FP machines for the rest of the day.