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30-07-2012, 02:01 PM
Well our Olympic dream started 14th July when theOlympic torch would pass close to our house so at 8 o’clock on the Saturdaymorning we set off to find our spot to watch. When we got there after a 10minute walk I was surprised how many people were there as it wasn’t due foranother hour and a quarter. There was a real carnival atmosphere and I have tosay the police played a big part they were getting the crowds cheering.

So after we saw the torch we were all excited for the games2 weeks later. Well the build-up wasn’t gonna go quiet to plan on the Wednesdaybefore I was struck with tonsillitis and on the Saturday before we were due togo I have decided I wasn’t fit to travel LDave talked to his so about going in my place who wasn’t keen but would thinkabout it well at this point floods of tears from me realising this once in alife time opportunity was going to be missed Lso I decided I was GOING.<o:p></o:p>
Sunday morning 7.45 we head off to the train station for thetrain up to London Jthe train arrived on time with extra carriages for all the extra people we satdown and watched the countryside go by and in 1 hour 20 minutes we hit waterloostation. There were Olympic people everywhere helping people find where theyneed to go it was the jubilee line for us up to Stratford and the Olympic park.Again getting through the station was a breeze with guides all the way tellingeveryone which way to go J<o:p></o:p>
Soon we were at the security gates now I have to say we werewarned to give 2 hours but our troops were fantastic and we got through inseconds those guys were brill they were helping people whilst keeping thingsgoing. <o:p></o:p>
HEY were in the Olympic park as you head in all you feel isthis sense of WOW its huge you enter next to the aquatics centre which eruptedwith cheers as we walked past J


then you hit with the sight of the orbit which is smaller than I expected andfrom what I had seen on the tv but still very impressive J<o:p></o:p>

We then head towards the main stadium which is awesome J<o:p></o:p>
We notice in front of us the main shop which had a snakequeue which was huge if you intend doing the shop you need to allow an extrahour!


Next to the shop is a McDonalds again the queue was huge but in the otherdirection is a food area with lots of stands and a large picnic area we satunder an umbrella because I was sweating like crazy and feeling unwell. Dave went and got me a lemonade at £2.70 for a small bottle we sat there for aboutan hour and a half as it was stormy and I had forgotten our coats but for themain we stayed dry


by now it was 1.30 and time to make our way towards thebasketball arena J


Near the arena there is a small shop which has a tiny queueso we go in its packed and I buy my son a t shirt at £28 L<o:p></o:p>
We nip to the loo before we get to the gates for the arena.Were nearly there and so excited Jwe enter the gate and head for the entrance up the stairs and through the doorsoh my goodness wow there in front of me is team USA warming up J

The match was awesome and was watched by America’s firstlady Jnow I have read a lot in the press today about how shameful she was cuddlingthe players and how it was a publicity stunt but we were there and saw whathappened. When the play was finished they took their applause Michelle was in adifferent area to where there exit was Lebron James who was then followed bythe team and coaches, walked over to Michelle who was clapping he held his armsup and cuddled her she then cuddled and thanked each one sharing a few wordswith each they went to her and thanked her for coming to watch them theCameron’s could learn from them J

As we leave the park crossing a bridge we notice the royalbarge gloriana moored up J


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Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

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:mental: :mental: :mental:

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Outstanding! :thumbsup:

Tom (:macwave:... wish I could be there!)

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outstanding :D


which bridge is the Gloriana parked by?

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Just fantastic!! I would love to be there as well! How exciting!

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outstanding :D


which bridge is the Gloriana parked by?

we came past the aquatic center turned left it was on the right hand side on the river down below :) its gorgeous :)
will ask dave for a better discription when he gets in.
if your going to the park allow plenty of time as there are big queues every where but everyone is so happy there is also an area with a big screen out in the middle of the river :)
i cant put into words the whole experience was just wow every way you looked there was something else to take in :)

31-07-2012, 09:14 AM
Wonderful report on a fabulous experience! I didn't realize Mrs.Obama was being criticized for hugging the players. :unsure: I really admire the woman, and am happy you were able to get such a great photo of her!

Thank you for the very nice photos!