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13-08-2012, 10:50 AM
Oh no, it's not over yet. Based on what we saw in Hyde Park on Friday I decided to take Steven back there for the day on Saturday. Just to be there one more time in that atmosphere. Call me sad but I had to go back. So it was on yet another crowded train, but hey we're used to it by now.

Once in Hyde Park, without taking photos in the security area this time, we got straight in line for the Cadbury House. The wait time said 2 hours but there was free chocklit on offer...


Actually we waited just short of one hour, it was pigging hot though and they were handing out umbrellas and warm water while we waited.

You remember the advert with the drumming gorilla...?


So in Cadbury House you get some free chocklit and get to play a few games.



And write a message for Team GB



Then play more games.


13-08-2012, 10:57 AM
Then we emerged back out into the sun to find the park heaving with people.


These people are watching mountain biking.


And these people are watching Chariots of Fire.


Ping pong central.


Steven making his own gold medal.


And designing a flag. A flag with which I apparently assaulted several people with on our journey home with it sticking out of my rucksack.


Giant shuttlecock by the try out badminton and tennis area.


Some of the many hundreds of Brazilians who were in the park watching the football final on the big screen.


Just trying to give you an idea of how crowded it was.


At some point though we had to leave...so we walked through the park back to the underground. Well I walked, Steven chased a feather.


Quick stop by the Serpentine. Yes, this is in the centre of London. It's beautiful. Go see it.


13-08-2012, 11:01 AM
I'm glad we went back. Such a friendly, happy atmosphere with people from all nations standing and sitting next to each other. As we walked back to the station a huge cheer went up which I later found out was Mexico scoring a goal.

At Hyde Park Station we found the grumpy person. The only one in the whole of person of London. "Station's closed, it's exit only." I said, Ok where can we get on the train. "Station's closed" and he walked away. I asked the next person. See I know there's always another station in London within walking distance, I just needed to know which way to walk. A nice man pointed and we walked off hearing lots of people complaining about Mr Grumpy.:point:

We got on the train at Knightsbridge and all too soon were back at Victoria ready for long ride home.

It was over for us, but as Steven keeps saying, we are part of history now.

13-08-2012, 11:47 AM
Thank you so much Dawn and Steven :hug2:

THIS is what the games were really all about. Pretty sure it wasn't like this in Bejing although I could be wrong.

So many people got the bug on the last day 'just to be there' that the marathon route was at least 3 deep for the entire 26 miles of the course more than 10 for most as well making it the most attended marathon in history.

I ache this morning like I do after a disney trip , although in some ways this is worse as I know I'll never ever feel like this again