View Full Version : Mermaids Added to the Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom

20-10-2012, 07:36 PM
Mermaids have been added to the Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom.

They appear in two different places, one is just after you ride past the ghostly projection at the start of the ride, if you look down to either side oof your boat you may see a shape splashing in the water. The second is at the beach scene, if you look closely you will see that one of the skeletons doesn’t look like the others.

20-10-2012, 07:47 PM
Sounds cool, will have to look out for them next visit :yes:

20-10-2012, 09:24 PM
I'll be looking out for these tomorrow night at the Halloween party!

20-10-2012, 09:32 PM
If you want a photo with the 7 dwarfs you will need to be standing in line at about 6pm! You can find them over by Splash Mountain and the line just keeps growing.

You are going to have a fantastic time at the Halloween Party. Are you dressing up?