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14-08-2008, 02:16 PM
ok so having booked a towncar I read about dme :lol: where does it go from, how do I book it and is it awkward with lots of cases?

14-08-2008, 02:24 PM
The DME runs directly from MCO to the various official WDW resorts (excludes Swan & Dolphin, as they are owned by Starwood) and return.

You book in advance through DME. They issue a voucher and luggage tags for each person in your travel party. For domestic US flights, your luggage will be loaded on to a truck and delivered to your resort. The average time is three to four hours after you arrive at your resort. It's a good idea to have what you'll need for overnight--just in case. You do have to check in at the DME podium when you arrive at MCO.

For international visitors, I believe you have to clear customs, then take your cases to the DME location at MCO. They will be loaded on the bus.

Returning to MCO from your resort, you need to be a your resort pick-up point with your luggage (some domestic airlines participate in a program called RAC that will handle the luggage for you) 3 hours & 15 minutes before your flight time for domestic flights. Not sure about international flights--it could be 4 hours, depending on airline recommendations. The driver will load your cases into the bus, but you need to be there.

It might be easier to take a towncar, but DME is less expensive--free! If time is not of the essence at arrival or departure, DME can be a leisurely entrance or exit to your WDW holiday! :)

14-08-2008, 04:06 PM
We used in last year and it was absolutely brill. It's not at all awkward, we just left our luggage at the first drop off through customs, strolled down to the ground floow (1st floor to the Americans) and were greeted by typical CM's, full of smiles. Told us which coach to get on and within half an hour we were at the BC. The day before we left we had a letter posted through our door to tell us what time to be at the pick up point and the coach arrived on time, driver took all our luggage on to the coach and, as we were the last pick up point, straight to the airport. Absolutely great and its free :lol: :lol: