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13-11-2012, 12:54 PM
Balloon Statistics

Height: 98 feet from ground to top of ears
Weight: Estimate 410 lbs.
Circumference: 168 feet
Diameter: 53 feet
Volume: 90,000 cubic feet (body) – 113,000 total
Lift capacity: 1800 lb. max gross lift
Thread Used: Approximately 9 miles of thread!
Fabric for Mouse Ears: Approximately 750 sq. yards
Total fabric: Approximately 4,744 sq. yards

Fun Facts

Mickey’s nose is 5.5 feet in diameter….. a child could easily stand up inside it.
If Mickey’s body were added to the balloon he would stand over 200 feet tall!
The pupils of Mickey’s eyes are over 6 feet in diameter.
The Happiest Balloon on Earth can fit into a bag which is 1,400 times smaller than the fully inflated balloon.
On a good weather day, The Happiest Balloon on Earth can fly two miles high!
Laurie Spencer is the first female pilot of a Disney hot air balloon (her husband Scott is co-pilot).

General Hot Air Balloon Info

Launch locations are variable and dependant on weather, balloon safety and FAA restrictions
Weather permitting, the balloon can potentially be utilized for thirty minutes to an hour maximum in the early morning (Sunrise to 10am on a perfect day) or prior to sunset in the summer and potentially mid-day in the fall. In most cases, mid day weather is completely unpredictable due to the heat of the atmosphere.

Once the balloon is inflated, there are three ways to operate it:

Static inflation (ground)
Tethered (Just off the ground)
Free flight

Inflation and tethering of The Happiest Balloon on Earth balloon requires a 150? x 150? unobstructed footprint, preferably grass.

Two vehicles and a trailer are required to the support tour:

Chase vehicle and balloon trailer
Motor home to use for all ground support, radio and TV remote backdrop etc.

Manufacturer: Cameron Balloons US (Ann Arbor Michigan)

Balloon Pilots: Scott and Laurie Spencer, Lighter Than Air America, Inc.