View Full Version : Return of the SpectroMagic parade? Can it be TRUE?

14-12-2012, 10:34 PM
I am hearing rumblings around the internet (& even a few Disney news sites) that the SpectroMagic parade will be returning to Magic Kingdom in March 2013! Can it be true?! Don't toy with my emotions, people!

The SpectroMagic is my favorite parade of all-time, and I was really not at all impressed with the Main Street Electric Light Parade when I saw it last year. I missed SpectroMagic in the worst way. To me, SM has better floats, better characters, better music, & I think it's even longer.

The thought that I could be sitting with an overpriced light-up wand watching my favorite parade next year excites me almost as much as the thought of seeing New Fantasyland for the first time.

Has anyone else heard anything about this? Is it true? Would you be happy to see SpectroMagic return, or do you favor the Main Street Electric Light Parade?

14-12-2012, 10:53 PM
This rumour has been doing the rounds for a while now :) We mentioned it here about a March 2013 comeback in July but there is still no official confirmation from Disney.

Personally, I think it will come back, I'll be sad though because MSEP is the original parade and it holds special memories for me :)

15-12-2012, 12:36 AM
I completely understand a love for the original, but the SpectroMagic was the first one that I saw when I was little (or the first nighttime, lights parade anyway). And I just love it. I'm glad I got to see the Main Street Electrical, but I will be more than ecstatic to get SM back!