View Full Version : Disneyland Resort Welcomes Guests who have Visited Every Day in 2012

01-01-2013, 09:46 PM
On the 31st December 2012, Tonya Mickesh, 45, and Jeff Reitz, 40, achieved their goal of going to Disneyland every day in 2012.


Having made at least 366 memories this year, Tonya and Jeff received a special welcome from Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Tom Staggs in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. To mark the occasion they were made honorary citizens of Disneyland. Tom Staggs also presented one more added surprise, something that money can't buy and a new memory for 2013, a stay in the Disneyland Dream Suite.

“Jeff and Tonya have an affinity for Disney Parks that is shared by many of our guests, and I wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate them on reaching this milestone,” Tom said. “During this momentous year, their dedication to the Disneyland Resort is a testament to why we continue to expand, grow and share the Disney Parks experience with guests around the world.”

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I can't imagine living close enough to go every day.